Ten Historical Norway Facts – King Herald, Full Graveyards, Old Name

Every country has some history after which it has come to stable state in which it now exists. Norway is also not an exceptional case. They have a rich history; some of the facts in Norwegian history are bizarre, while others must be shocking and totally unexpected. Let us have a look at these Norway facts.

10. King Harald Love Story:

King Harald of Norway decided to remain unmarried because he was refused to marry the love of his life, who was a lower middle class cloth merchant daughter, but the story later had a happy ending, and they managed to get married.

Historical Norway Facts , King Harald Love Story

9. Full Graveyards:

There came time in Norwegian history when graveyards stopped accepting bodies because the bodies formerly buried did not decompose due to chemicals in body dies, since then body dying was termed as illegal.

Historical Norway Facts, Full Graveyards

8. Us People Are Not Humans:

Norwegian government considered that people especially prisoners from US are not humanitarian, and one such person was allowed to go back to his country on this basis.

Us People Are Not Humans

7. Highest Olympic Scorer:

Norway has the honor to have got highest number of gold, silver as well as bronze medals in winter Olympics among all countries participating in it.

Historical Norway Facts, Highest Olympic Scorer

6. Norway Facts – Old Name:

Norway is the recent name of the country, which was previously called Nordweg, which meant Northern way.

Historical Norway Facts, Old Name

5. Great Invention Cheese Slicer:

The great invention of cheese slicer was supposed to be done in Norway, and in the modern age of junk food, this invention is serving food lovers as blessing.

Norway Facts, Great Invention Cheese Slicer

4. Another Invention Spray Cans:

Aerosol spray cans that are widely used these days as perfumes, room’s sprays as well as body sprays were invented in Norway in 1926. This invention is actually called the can and aerosol system, very useful invention from Norway.

Historical Norway Facts, Another Invention Spray Cans

3. First Wireless City Trondheim:

The city which operated by wireless means was Trondheim, and after that there was no looking back. Almost now the entire world operates wirelessly now.

Norway Facts, First Wireless City Trondheim

2. Founding Ireland:

The Dublin city of Ireland was founded by the Norwegians in the 836 A.D. this is one of the highest achievements that country can make.

Historical Norway Facts, Founding Ireland

1. Peaceful Country:

Norway is one the most peaceful countries of the world as per world rankings, according to the list of peaceful countries in the world, Norway stands at number 11 position which is a reward in itself.

Peaceful Country, Historical Norway Facts

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