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United States of America is one of the most powerful countries of the world. It can also be stated as one of the Superpowers as it is leading in ever industry whether it is economic, entertainment, export, import or what not. USA is an exceptional country that has had over 44 presidents to rule it and the selection of the 45th president is in process nowadays. Every president had its highs and lows and every president worked his utmost to make USA what it is today. The position of USA today is the result of hardwork and willpower of all those 44 presidents appointed in the history. From these 44 presidents, the third ONE, Thomas Jefferson ruled from 1801- 1809 and wrote the Declaration of Independence: stating that USA has then become an independent state from the British Empire. Some unknown Thomas Jefferson Facts are:

  1. Jefferson as musician.

To flatter his then future wife, Martha Skelton, Thomas went onto take violet lesson and play violin for her. He spent a lot of time studying the ‘violin’ instrument. Well he took those lessons too seriously and to the heart. He must really love Martha.

Thomas Jefferson Facts, Jefferson as musician

  1. Jefferson as writer.

In his life, Jefferson was a very creative writer. His work included the Declaration of Independence and the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. There are almost 27,000 documents placed at the Library of Congress which are included in the Thomas Jefferson Papers.

Thomas Jefferson Facts, Jefferson as writer

  1. Jefferson as astronomer.

Jefferson was quite the reader and just like that, he got interested into astronomy. In the University of Virginia, he made the subject ASTRONOMY compulsory and he went onto make USA’s first observatory.

Thomas Jefferson Facts, Jefferson as astronomer

  1. Jefferson as paleontologist.

Jefferson became completely obsessed over things like fossils and mammoths. He participated in a huge debate about mammoth which resulted in that topic becoming a political issue. The area of paleontology was uplifted by Jefferson in his presidency and he also has a mammoth that is named after his name.

Thomas Jefferson Facts, Jefferson as paleontologist

  1. Jefferson as agriculturalist.

Jefferson wanted USA to flourish as an agrarian state, solely because in resulted in a major independence from other countries over food. He, by his own self reformed the cultivator to make it more useful and also one of the first Americans to use crop revolution.

Thomas Jefferson Facts, Jefferson as agriculturalist

  1. Jefferson as a wine snob.

Jefferson was a lover of French wine and conveyed it to the people of America as well. He used to experiment with wines in Monticello in his own vineyards. He preferred wine over cider and whiskey. Setting a very good example, don’t you think?

Thomas Jefferson Facts, Jefferson as a wine snob

  1. Jefferson as a food lover.

Well who doesn’t love FOOOOD! Jefferson went to France and on returning he took back to America all what he loved and liked about the French cuisine. It is heard that he took James Hemings as a slave and give him his freedom at one cost; if he learns how to make French food.

Thomas Jefferson Facts, Jefferson as a food lover

  1. Jefferson as an architect.

A rotunda (a building with circular ground) was absolutely loved by Jefferson. He planned it for his home in Monticello, In Richmond the Virginia state capitol and for University of Virginia. University of Virginia and Monticello are famous for their beautiful architecture all designed by Jefferson and are placed on the World Heritage list as well.

Thomas Jefferson Facts, Jefferson as an architect

  1. Jefferson as an economist.

Jefferson extremely loved economics. This love for economics was seen to be adopted during his stay in France. He acted as a translator and also a friend to many theorists from Europe. He promoted policies of free market and did not like the concept of currency in form of bank notes.

Thomas Jefferson Facts, Jefferson as an economist

  1. Thomas Jefferson as a reader

After retiring from his presidency, Jefferson went on to sell his 6500 volumes to Library of Congress which was actually robbed by the British. He had to pay his debt that’s why he sold those books. But the love for reading kept hitting him back and he started to buy even more books. He was also seen saying that he couldn’t live without books. WOW! Books or Oxygen?

Thomas Jefferson Facts, Thomas Jefferson as a reader

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