Top 10 Historical Facts About Malaysia

Situated in Southeast Asia is a beautiful, populous and a well-developed country called Malaysia. It comprises of the Malaysian Peninsula and Borneo Islands.  Its population is a mixture of many different ethnic groups and has a population of over 30 million people. It has a shared border with countries like Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines and Vietnam. The State religion is Islam and a wide share of the population belongs to Muslim ethnic group. It has an official language of Bahasa Malaysia and its capital city is Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is famous worldwide because of its rapid growth to become a well-developed country and its beautiful landmarks and buildings like Petronas Towers, Batu Caves and many others. But what only a few people know is that this country has passed through a lot of stages to prosper and its history is extremely one of a kind. Top 10 Historical Facts About Malaysia are:

10. Origin of The name ‘Malaysia’

Originating from the word ‘Malay’ Before being conquered by the European, This part of the world was natively called as ‘Tanah Melayu’ which meant Malay land. They were identified across the globe as the Malay Race. After a French navigator expedited here, he suggested the name Malaysia which was later taken up when Malaysia acquired Independence.

Top 10 Historical Facts About Malaysia, Origin of The name Malaysia

9. Religion:

The first inhabitants of Malaysia were Indian and Buddhist due to which their religion became common throughout the Peninsula. But in 14th century, Arab traders started settling in resulting in the spread of Islam and Islamic Knowledge which then went on to become its official religion.

Top 10 Historical Facts About Malaysia, Religion

8. An Ancient land

This land now known commonly as ‘Malaysia’ has been populated for a period of 40000 years. The first people who settled in were called Negritos. It is known that Malaysia originated with Alexander the Great who was actually an ancestor of the Malay Royalty.

Top 10 Historical Facts About Malaysia, An Ancient land

7. Liberation from many countries

Malaysia is one of those few countries that got captured and then acquired liberation from more than two countries. In the history it is present that it acquired freedom from the Dutch, Portugal, Europeans, Bruisers, Mughals and Japanese.

Top 10 Historical Facts About Malaysia, Liberation from many countries

6. Peninsula of Gold

In 150 A.D, Malaysia is called Aurea Chersonesus which can be translated to Peninsula of Gold By a geographer, in his book about Malay Land. Malaysia had huge deposits of tin but was found after 17th century that this piece of Land was worth so much.

Peninsula of Gold

5. Japanese Invasion

On the 6th of December, 1941, Malaysia was invaded by highly experience Japanese. But to our astonishment, it was the same day as the Pearl Harbor bombings on Japan. But after the Second World War was over, this piece of land was conquered by the Allies.

Japanese Invasion

4. Executions

It was even before the 19th century that executions were ordered by the Sultans in Malay Peninsula using an instrument called ‘Kris’. It was actually a ceremonial dagger that went from the shoulder of the condemned man and into his heart. A cotton wool was placed there as the blade was removed.


3 Communist Independence

Communism is a phenomenon known, and despised by many across the World. But it’s a historical fact that Malaysia is that singular part of the globe where Communism was completely eradicated. In 1960, the communist forces were finally put to a stop after 12 year warfare. This era was called the Malayan Emergency.

Top 10 Historical Facts About Malaysia, Communist Independence

2. Headhunting

Headhunting was a sport that was extremely common through Malaysia and Borneo up until 20th century. But after that, it was put to a stop. The Dayak tribes of Malaysia usually liked to hunt for Iban heads and keep them as their trophy of manhood.


1. Independence

After an overwhelming period of captures and invasions, the peninsula and Malaysia finally acquired Independence from the Britishers in the year 1957 and was named ‘federation of Malaysia’. The federation established in 1963 then consisted of Singapore, Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, Borneo’s north coast and mainly Malaysia.

Top 10 Historical Facts About Malaysia, Independence

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