Top 10 Historical Mexico Facts – Printing Press, Oldest City, Mexican Origin

Every country in this world has come into being after going through a rich history period, and one they become modern, the past events become history. Just like any other country, Mexico has also some facts from its history that makes it unique in its own way. Have a look at ten of such historical Mexico facts, and we bet you would find it interesting.

10. Food Items:

It is a well-known fact that Mexico is famous for food items and dishes all over the world, and is responsible for the origin of many things, and not just origin, bur shared it with the rest of the world too like chilies, chocolates and corn.

Mexico Facts, Food Items

9. Printing Press:

First printing press that was ever made and used in North America was in Mexico and that too in the fifteenth century in the year 1539.

Mexico Facts, Printing Press

8. National University Of Mexico:

The national university of Mexico is the oldest university in the whole North America region. This university was made in the year 1551 and has been imparting knowledge since then.

Mexico Facts, National University Of Mexico

7. Build On Old City:

Mexico is built on the remains of the old city called Aztec and every year a considerable amount of water is pumped from the bottom because it is made up on a lake.

Mexico Facts, Build On Old City

6. Oldest City:

Mexico is the oldest city of the whole continent of America, especially in North America. Apart from this, Mexico is in the list of some largest cities of the world.

Mexico Facts, Oldest City

5. Mexicans Origin:

As we mentioned earlier, that Mexico is built on the remains of an old city and it is one of the oldest cities of the world, so modern Mexicans are of mix origin or all the civilizations that date back to the origin of this city.

Mexicans Origin

4. Great Civilization:

First and the very much nicer civilization of Mexico were the Olmecs, who were the best of all the civilizations and they also constructed many cities that currently exist in the country.

Great Civilization

3. Historical Mexico Facts – Zapotec Civilization:

This one came after Olmecs and these were the ones who introduced writing system not only in Mexico but in whole America.

Mexico Facts, Zapotec Civilization

2. Unusual Weapon:

Mexico has been in state of war many times since its origin, and because of this reason, many unusual war weapons were invented by Mexicans, and one of those weapons were the Hornet bomb which was actually the nest of Hornet that was thrown at enemies at the time of war.

Unusual Weapon, Mexico Facts

1. Strange Beliefs:

Mexicans old civilizations were the one who started the human sacrifice, because they believe the world would come to an end if they do not feed the earth and sun with human blood.

Strange Beliefs, Mexico Facts

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