Top 10 Poland Facts – Wars, Hand Kissing, Astronomy

The history of Poland is rich, full of exciting discoveries and inventions, scientific as well as historical milestones. Polish people have several credits in the history to bring up inventions events that changed the course of the world. Have a look at some interesting historical Poland Facts.

10. Hand Kissing:

Kissing a woman’s hand when meet there was one of the beautiful traditions of the worlds, which originated from Poland and still practiced in Poland, however other countries have long forgotten this tradition now.

Poland Facts, Hand Kissing

9. Scientific Achievements:

Polish people have high respect for science, and their interests in these fields are countless and limit less. This is the reason Poland has 17 Nobel Prize on its credit that relate to several fields of science.

Poland Facts, Scientific Achievements

8. About Earth:

Many polish scientists have studied many facts about earth too. Nicolaus Copernicus was also one of those who did this. He was the one who put forward the concept that earth is not the centre of the universe, and declared all such beliefs as null and void.

Poland Facts, Nicolaus Copernicus

7. Astronomy:

Moon seems to be just a surface but it has a map too, which was first being made by polish astronomer Jan Heweliusz which was a milestone in astronomy of the world.

Poland Facts, Astronomy

6. Origin Of Name Poland:

The name of country Poland is originated from the word “Polanie”. Polanie means people who live in an open area or field.

Poland Facts, Origin Of Name Poland

5. Poland Facts – Wars:

Time has never been easy for polish people. It took them 43 wars to live the independent life they are living now. All these wars were fought within a time period of 300 years only.

Poland Facts, Wars

4. Constitution:

A constitution is something that is needed for running a country. Poland was one of those countries who accepted this thing from the beginning. That is why Poland made a constitution for them first of all countries in Europe and second in the world.


3. Fashiontv:

Michel Adam was a polish man who made the fashion TV, this channel is famous all over the world for all fashion related things going on in the world.


2. Rulers:

The first rulers who was documented and registered took over Poland in 10th century, and since then Poland follows and authentic government system.


1. Marie Curie:

The famous scientist Marie curie was from Poland and her inventions and discovery of radium brought a breakthrough in the world of science.

Marie Curie

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