Canadian Fashion Designers List

Located in the North of U.S.A, Canada is a beautiful, talented and a marvelous country, famous for its people, its landmarks and a peaceful environment.  To our astonishment, Canada is becoming to be one of the top most successful countries in the world. It is now home of hundreds of refugees as well. Fashion is a tool employed by many people to display their style, choice or their likes/dislikes. Fashion lets people to express themselves in their own manner, without people judging them. Canada is famous for its Fashion and glamour and has produced many talented and brilliant fashion icons that are widely acclaimed across the globe. Canadian fashion designers list is discussed below:

10. Sid Neigum

Based in Toronto, Sid Neigum is famous for his fashion ideas inspired by the real life events and happenings. In his impressions he uses mathematical models, origami, architecture and he is truly inspired by them.  He also won an award in 2013 for his work of art in the field of fashion

Canadian Fashion Designers List, Sid Neigum

9. HUNTRESS (Diane Robinson and Ron LeBlanc)

After working on gems for a long time of their lives, Diane and Ron are the most famous jewelry expert and gem dealer. They are extremely popular in Canada for their work of art in jewelries and gems and have spread their work across the globe.

Canadian Fashion Designers List, Diane Robinson and Ron LeBlanc

8. Hayley Elsaesser

Famous for her extremely loud footwear, Hayley Elsaesser is now becoming widely acclaimed for her load and popping footwear with beautiful and unique prints of skulls, spiders and whatnot. She is also launching her clothing line for those women who like to stand out and want to communicate using their style.

Canadian Fashion Designers List, Hayley Elsaesser

7. Handsome Clothing (AJ Jamani and Christian Rice)

Based in Toronto, AJ Jamani and Christian started with simple T-shirts having impression s with permanent marker. They then went to launch their own clothing line of T-shirts having beautiful graphic prints on them. Their work is inspired mostly by real world music, art and philosophy.

Canadian Fashion Designers List, AJ Jamani and Christian Rice

6. Greta Constantine (Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong)

It has been 9 years since Greta Constantine came into being. It is based in Toronto and is named after Stephen’s mother (Greta) and Kirk’s grandfather (Constantine). Kirk and Stephen took the sole responsibility of empowering women through their clothing line which places them on this position of the top 10 designers of Canada.

Canadian Fashion Designers List, Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong

5. Evan Biddell

After winning Project Runway Canada, Evan became a world-famous, self-taught designer who earned $100000 to launch his line. He uses theatrical impressions and an amalgamation of different prints in his clothing line and has amazed the people across the globe.

Canadian Fashion Designers List, Evan Biddell

4. Choryin Choi

Choryin was born in Hong Kong but decided to open his clothing line in Toronto. He is an exquisite designer using some items from daily life like bubble wrap to incorporate into his clothes. His prints and different cuts have impressed the people greatly.

Canadian Fashion Designers List, Choryin Choi

3. Ashley Winnington-Ball

An extremely talented designer, Ashley deserves to be at this position because of a trait known to a few people, reusability. Ashley is an exquisite designer who uses garbage, and everyday items to incorporate in her jewelry items and has enhanced them which has amazed and mesmerized many people across the globe.

Canadian Fashion Designers List, Ashley Winnington-Ball

2. Amanda Lew Kee

Famous within the film industry, Amanda launched an exquisite clothing line due to her efforts. Her clothes consist of all sort of cuts and prints, some are wild and edgy where as some are sweet and neutral. Her clothing line has been featured in True Blood and worn by Deadmau5 and Shenae Grimes on 90210.

Canadian Fashion Designers List, Amanda Lew Kee

1. Adrian Wu

Ranking at no.1 Adrian has not failed to impress the public not just in Canada, but across the globe. He is the sole owner of this position because in just a few years, Adrian has gone to achieve the heights of success while only being aged 24. He has open boutiques in Toronto and has featured his clothing line in many different Fashion Week. His clothes are truly a work of art.

Canadian Fashion Designers List, Adrian Wu

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