Stupid Laws – 10 Funny And Crazy Laws In The World

Laws and lawsuits are made for the betterment of the citizens of any country, and for the protection to make them safe in their country. However, laws of some country may sound or look weird and funny to the other. Same is the case with us. We have interpreted some laws of the world and found them too weird to be funny as hell. Let us see what these Stupid laws are. 10 Funny And Crazy Laws In The World.

10. Stupid Laws – Keep The Change With You:

In Canada, a shop owner or keeper has the authority to reject money in the form of coins if it is more change than they need. You cannot pay a dollar in cents and cents form, or you will be charged offence. It is the right of the shopkeeper to accept the change or not.

Stupid Laws, Keep The Change With You

9. Crazy Laws – Be decent:

In eastern countries, you can all roam around with your partner and get all cozy on the main road even, but in UAE it is criminal offence to hold hands even between husband and wife. In many other eastern countries you need to act all decent in order to stay a good citizen.

Crazy Laws, Be decent

8. Breathalyzer is must:

In France, every driver must have a breathalyzer with them, even if they are just tourist or whatever. A breathalyzer is used to measure the alcohol level in human blob, and when this level exceeds, one should not drive.

Breathalyzer is must

7. Say no to drugs by not growing it:

Marijuana is a kind of drug which is a yield of a crop. Many countries have their huge plants to grow marijuana; meanwhile it is illegal to grow marijuana in Jamaica, as a safety precaution from drugs.

Say no to drugs

6. No photography on the airport:

It is strictly forbidden in Kazakhstan to take any types of photographs on the airport. If anyone is found using their camera on the airport, they are bound to be considered as criminal and subject to punishment.

No photography on the airport

5. Do not sit on the road junction:

St. Mark square is a famous round about in Venice where many streets meet. It had become a routine to have heavy traffics jams on that place because many people find this place beautiful, when this problem became large; it was made forbidden to sit there.

Do not sit on the road junction

4. Running out of fuel is an offence:

German Road Autobahn is huge road that allows drivers to drive with full speed. It is offensive to run out of fuel on that road, this law helps drivers to be careful and not encounter any problem on that road.

Running out of fuel is an offence

3. Spreading clothes to dry…get a license first:

New York has this strange of law of having a license to tie strings outside your house where you can spread clothes to dry. Yes you heard it right, you got to have license to utilize sunlight too!

Spreading clothes to dry

2. Chewing gum is not allowed:

Singapore and its government is so concerned about the cleanliness and hygiene on their roads that it is a not thought to be good if someone is chewing a gum on public places. You have to pay fine if you break this law in Singapore.

Chewing gum is not allowed:

1. Do not feed pigeons:

It is illegal in Venice to feed pigeons with any kind of foods. They think that pigeons are root cause of many diseases and feeding them may cause to increase their breed.

Do not feed pigeons

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