Beautiful Flowers – Ten Best Flowers in The World

The beauty of nature is something which is admired by everyone. Blessed are those who have a knowhow of all the beauties of the nature. Humans cherish this beauty of Mother Nature and also use it for the beautification of the world and their homes. Mother Nature has some things in its store to just decorate the world. Beautiful Flowers are also one of them.

Who doesn’t love flowers? Almost everyone has been overwhelmed by the beauty of flowers at some point in their life. There are countless species of flowers that exist out of which many have not yet been discovered.

Let us look at the ten most beautiful flowers in the world.

10. Oriental Poppy:

This flower can be seen in many colors and nourishes itself basically in summer. Its origin is in the country turkey.

Beautiful Flowers, Oriental Poppy

9. Canna Beautiful Flowers:

It is also known as Canna lily but has no relation with real lilies at all. 19 flowering plants have canna flowers first which include banana and ginger as well.

Beautiful Flowers, Canna

8. Cherry Blossom:

In USA and Japan, the full growth of cherry blossom is celebrated in the form of a festival. Used to carpet the ground on various occasions, cherry blossom is attractive enough even if it is not on the tree. Its pink and white colors are most beautiful of all.

Beautiful Flowers, Cherry Blossom

7. Bleeding Heart:

This flower looks like as if someone has cut a little part of a heart so it is bleeding. It breeds from April to June, and comes in colors like red, pink and white.

Beautiful Flowers, Bleeding Heart

6. Tulip:

Tulip is a flower that is most grown around the world because of affordability as well beauty. It was first grown in Iran and since then its cultivation has become commercial. It is grown in pots.

Beautiful Flowers, Tulip

5. Plumeria Flower:

This flower is basically white with a light yellow ting in it. It is considered in top ten because of its amazing scent rather than its beauty.

Beautiful Flowers, Plumeria Flower

4. Lily of the Valley:

This flower is said to be grown of the Mary’s tears which she shed. There are also various other beliefs for the origin of this flower, but no doubt this flower as mesmerizing beauty.

Beautiful Flowers, Lily of the Valley

3. Dahlia:

Dahlia is also a beautiful flower mainly grown in many states of the USA. It has beautiful look to be seen by everyone. Its pink color redefines the concept of pink that everyone has.

Beautiful Flowers, Dahlia

2. White lotus:

No doubt, growing a plant in water and let it survive there only is something only Mother Nature can do. White lily is also called tiger lotus. It is grown in some parts of Asia as well as Africa and thousands of cultivators around the world.

Beautiful Flowers, White lotus

1. Rose:

Rose can be said as the most beautiful flower of the world due to its popularity, availability, cultivation and variety of colors. Its scent is simply amazing and distinctive. Each color of rose symbolizes a different expression.

Beautiful Flowers, Rose

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