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Every person in this world must have a friend or a partner that helps them in times of happiness, worry or sorrow. No person is all alone. But along with that, some people also have enemies that they hate and detest and have had a disturbing encounter with them. Having enemies is a part of life. There will be someone who’ll support you and someone who’ll degrade and detest you. When we talk about different Countries we see the same psyche. Some Countries have friends and some have enemies. To protect themselves from enemies, each country has to take some defense measures to ensure security and balance in the interior as well as the exterior of any country. Some countries have produced and maintained Strongest Armies In The World . Here we are discussing World Army Ranking.

10. World Army Ranking – Vietnam

The Vietnam People’s Army is a powerful and an experienced armed forces working with determination to win. The total manpower of Vietnamese army is almost 482,000 active and 3000000 reservists. It is given a portion of GDP that is 5% and budget is US $7.8 billion. It came into existence in the year 1944 during Japanese capture of Vietnam.

World Army Ranking, Vietnam Army

9. Turkey

The Turkish armed force is a set of extremely strong and rapid force of men almost 510,600 active and 378300 reservists. The Turkish army came into existence during 1952 to send troops in Korea to fight. The Turkish army is assigned a budget of $18.2 billion and reserves 2.2% of GDP.

World Army Ranking, Turkey Army

8. Iran

Armed Forces of Islamic Republic of Iran is a powerful and diligent organization having up to 545000 men working for the peace and stability internally as well as externally of their beloved country. The Army is considered a 2.8% in GDP given a budget of $10.2 billion. It also has additional 180000 reservists. It is the strongest army in the Middle East.

Strongest Armies, Iran Army

7. South Korea

The Republic of Korea Armed Forces is actually the army of South Korea. It came into existence in 1948 after Korea was divided into two. The Korean armed forces actively take part in solving major issues across the world and always lends out a helping hand. It has almost 630,000 active men and 2970,000 reservists. It has a budget of ₩ 35.7 billion and reserves 2.38% of GDP.

Strongest Armies, South Korea army

6. Pakistan

Pakistan Armed Forces is an extremely powerful organization of dedicated and diligent men, working for the peace and stability of their country, externally and internally. Pakistan has faced numerous hardships and proxy wars, but its army has always remained steadfast. It was founded in 1947 after independence from British and has 643,800 active men and 513,000 reservists. It is assigned a budget of $7.5 billion and reserves 3.5% of GDP.

Strongest Armies, Pakistan Army

5. Russian Federation

The military service of Russia, Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is an unbreakable and experienced army that came into existence in 1992 after the Soviet Union was dismembered. The armed forced of Russia has helped many fellow countries in times of need and is composed of almost 845,000 active men and 2,000,000 reservists. It consumes a budget of $84.5 billion and reserves 4.4% of GDP.

Strongest Armies, Russian Federation Army

4. North Korea

Korean People’s Army is actually the armed forces of North Korea that came into existence 1948 but its idea was set in 1932. This army is led by the famous leader Kim Jong UN and the army personnel forms almost 40% of its population. It has almost 1,190,000 active men and 600,000 reservists. It consumes a budget of $15 billion and covers 20.8% of GDP.

World Army Ranking, North Korean Army

3. Strongest Armies – India

Indian Armed Forces is the military service of India which is extremely professional and yes, diligent. Its history dates back to 5000 years but came into existence in 1857. It has almost 1,325,000 active men and 1,155,000 reservists. This army consumes a budget of almost US$50 billion and reserves 2% of GDP.

World Army Ranking, Indian Army

2. United States of America

A United States armed force is actually the military of United States. It is extremely sharp and quick and provides stability and security internally and externally. Its history dates back to 1775 and was formed even before the declaration of independence. It has about 1,492,200 active men and 843,750 reservists. It consumes a budget of $580.3 billion and reserves 31% of GDP.

Strongest Armies, American Army

1. People’s Republic of China

The strongest military of the world belongs to the Republic of china which is named as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. It came into existence in 1927 during the Nanchang uprising. It has about 2,333,000 active personnel and 510,000 reservists. China’s armed forces have always deployed its army wherever necessary to help bring peace and stability within china and in other countries as well. It consumes a budget of US$147 billion and reserves 1.5% of GDP.

Strongest Armies, China Army


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