10 Public Holidays in Brazil

Every country has its own public holidays depend on the country culture, nature, and environment and on account to memorize the historic events or person, Independence Day and New Year day and other holidays. Here we will discuss the public holidays in Brazil.

10. New Year Day:

It is a day in which calendar year begins and counted increment in the year by 1. In this regard many countries make New Year celebrations on 1st January and consider as public holiday all around the world similarly in Brazil 1st January they celebrate the New Year and remain off publically.

Holidays in Brazil, New Year Day

9. Holidays in Brazil – Carnival:

This is the cultural, religious event especially for Brazilians. The carnival of Brazil is the annual Brazil festival held in between 8th to 10th February. This is held after 51 day before Easter and Ash Wednesday.

Holidays in Brazil, Carnival

8. Good Friday:

In recognition of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary, the day in which that incident happened is consider as public holiday in most of the countries as well as in Brazil also called Great Friday and Black Friday, which usually falls 2 day before Easter Sunday.

Holidays in Brazil, Good Friday

7. Tridents Day:

It is considered as public holiday in Brazil in the memory of Jose de Silva also known as Tridents. He was a main member of Brazilian revolutionary movement who wanted the independence from Portuguese and aimed to see the Brazil as independent republic. He was hanged by Portuguese on 21st April.

Holidays in Brazil, Tridents Day

6. Labor Day:

1st May considered as Labor Day World Wide in account of tribute and celebrates the workers’ achievement who works throughout the day. In Brazil Labor Day is also considered as public holiday. In some countries this day is also called as May Day.

Holidays in Brazil, Labor Day

5. Corpus Christi:

It is observed public holiday in Brazil as well as many other countries. They celebrate this day on this belief that presence of Jesus Christ blood. It is the holy day of obligation. The day falls on different day in every year.

Holidays in Brazil, Corpus Christi

4. Independence Day:

On 7th September of every year in Brazil is a public/national holiday. They celebrate this day on account of to find declaration of independence from the Portugal on 7th September 1822.

Holidays in Brazil, Independence Day

3. All Souls Day:

Some countries consider this day as public holiday however some countries not considering this as public holiday. In Brazil on 2nd November of every year is considered as public holiday to memorize the faithful departure between Roman Catholic and Anglo-Catholic churches.

Holidays in Brazil, All Souls Day

2. Republic Day:

This holiday appears all around the world but every country has own republic day. Like in Brazil Republic Day is made on 15th November. This holiday is made to commemorate the day when that particular country becomes republic.

Holidays in Brazil, Republic Day

1. Christmas Day:

Considering as of most spiritual, cultural popular and famous celebration among the billions of peoples of Christian all around the world on 25th December along with Brazil and considered as public Holiday.

Holidays in Brazil, Christmas Day

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