10 Public Holidays Malaysia

Holidays are something we all look for. And if the holiday is other than the weekend, it is like a treat for everyone in the country. Like every country in the world, Malaysia also has a set of public holidays that re announced at the beginning of each year so as to make convenient for the population. As Malaysia is a Muslim country, they have a respect for Muslim occasions and days too, which they show in the form of a national holiday. State wise there are too many days separately to be announced as holidays, but here we will enlist 10 Public Holidays Malaysia (other than Christmas, which will be on 25th de) by the entire nation.

  1. Chinese New Year:

Chinese New Year is celebrated on 8th February every year around the world, also in Malaysia on a national level. They have public holiday around the country on 9th February too. It is kind of welcoming the spring too.

10 Public Holidays Malaysia, Chinese New Year

  1. Labor Day:

This day is celebrated to pay tribute to all laborers in the world on 1st may every year in almost all countries of the world, including Malaysia. On that day, they have a public holiday in all states of the country.

10 Public Holidays Malaysia, Labor Day

  1. Wesak:

It is the also named as vesakha, when they celebrate the birthday of Buddha every year, this celebration is done by all Buddhists around the world. Malaysia has a public holiday on 21st may on this account.

10 Public Holidays Malaysia, Wesak

  1. Agong’s Birthday:

Malaysia is a monarch country and the latest monarch is Yang de-Petuan Agong whose birthday is supposed to be celebrated on 4th of June, on this account a public holiday in Malaysia.

10 Public Holidays Malaysia, Agong’s Birthday

  1. Hari Raya aidilfitri:

In simple terms we call it Eid-ul-firt which is celebrated soon after the fasting month of ramzan. Malaysia being a Muslim country has public holidays on two days of this Eid.

10 Public Holidays Malaysia, Hari Raya aidilfitri

  1. Hari Merdeka:

Celebration of the independence of Malaysia from British rule is the national day of Malaysia. This day is celebrated on 31st august every year in Malaysia.

10 Public Holidays Malaysia, Hari Merdeka

  1. Malaysia Day:

The foundation of Malaysian republic took place on 16th September 1963 on account of which there is a public holiday in Malaysia every year, this year too will be a public holiday on this day.

10 Public Holidays Malaysia, Malaysia Day

  1. Hari Raya Haji:

In simpler word we call it Eid-ul-azha. This is the festival of sacrifice for Muslims. In 2016, this festival will be on 12th September and will be celebrated as a public holiday.

10 Public Holidays Malaysia, Hari Raya Haji

  1. Awal Muharram:

Awal means first. Muharram is the first month of the Islamic new year end hence the first day of Islamic New Year will fall on 2nd Oct 2016 and will be public holiday in Malaysia.

10 Public Holidays Malaysia, Awal Muharram

  1. Prophet Muhammad’s birthday:

Prophet Muhammad was born on 12th of Islamic month Rabi Ul Awal. There will be a public holiday on this day in Malaysia to show respect to the prophet of Islam.


10 Public Holidays Malaysia, Prophet Muhammad’s birthday

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