Armenian Holidays – Ten Public Holidays In Armenia

Other than weekend, festivals and occasions are the days when people of every country wait for an extra holiday, especially on the days when the whole country has a day off, everyone can enjoy the holiday along with enjoying the festival or occasion that falls on this day. Let us see what the ten public Armenian Holidays.

10. New Year Day:

In every country of the world, New Year day is celebrated as holiday for everyone to have fresh start of the New Year in order to perform well throughout the year. In Armenia it is a public holiday on 1st and 2nd January.

Armenian Holidays, New Year Day

9. Pre-Christmas and Christmas Holidays:

3rd, 4th and 5th of January are pre-Christmas holidays in Armenia whereas 6th January is the Christmas holiday. Birth of Christ was celebrated in 6th January several years back, but then it shifted to 25th December for some reasons, but Armenia continued to follow the old tradition.

Pre-Christmas and Christmas Holidays

8. Armenian Holidays – Army Day:

Armenian army was formed on 28th January 1992, and this celebrated in the memory of this formation of army every year on the same date and Armenians have a day off.

Armenian Holidays, Army Day

7. Mother Language Day:

It was first announced by UNESCO to celebrate 21st February as the international mother language day to induce awareness in people about linguistics and languages. This day s also observed in Armenia as a public holiday.

Armenian Holidays, Mother Language Day

6. International Workers’ Day:

This day is also called as the labor day and celebrated on the May 1st in order to pay tribute to all those who work hard to make this world a better place and to earn themselves a living.

Armenian Holidays, International Workers’ Day

5. Victory and Peace Day:

9th may use to be holiday during the world war II and Armenia still follows the tradition and has  a public holiday every year on 9th may, also to celebrate liberation of their Sushi city.

Armenian Holidays, Victory and Peace Day

4. Family Day:

Family day is celebrated as public holiday in many countries of the world, and Armenia is also one of those countries that celebrate family day as public holiday, following the world tradition.

Armenian Holidays, Family Day

3. Republic Day:

When any country becomes a republic, it is an honor for them. Similarly, Armenia became a republic on 28th may and celebrates this day as a public holiday every year as republic day of Armenia.

Armenian Holidays, Republic Day

2. Constitution Day:

The constitution of Armenia was adopted on 5th July 1991 and this day has them=n became a memorable day in the history of the country.  It is a common practice to celebrate constitution day in many countries worldwide.

Armenian Holidays, Constitution Day

1. Independence Day:

On 21st September 1991, Armenia got its independence from the Russian republic, and hence celebrates this day every year in the memory of the big day. It is also the most awaited national day of the year.

Armenian Holidays, Independence Day

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