Best Jobs In USA 2016

If you’re tired of being paid less for all the work that you do, or if you are not satisfied with your job then it’s about time you switch your job. Also, if you’re about to start your professional education then its best to do some research before making a decision. Here is a List of Top 10 Best Jobs In USA 2016.

12. Aviation Jobs

In aviation jobs here we talk about aviators or aircraft pilots who are responsible for controlling the directions of the aircraft and being in constant communication with the support based on the ground. One average their annual income is around $131,760. Another pro of this job is that one does not have to worry about their travel expenses at all.

Top 10 Best Jobs In USA 2016, Aviation Jobs

11. Lawyer

Being a lawyer is not easy, it requires considerable amount of education before you can actually practice. Lawyers are high in demand by corporate companies and what not and they make a handsome living and can live comfortably, even luxuriously. Their job is to be good at speaking in courtrooms and deliver the argument in such a way that everyone is convinced. Their average annual income is $133,470.

Top 10 Best Jobs In USA 2016, Lawyer

10. IT Manager

IT is one of the fastest growing fields in today’s world and there are so many IT companies, in order to beat the competition all the companies are hiring lots of people. IT Managers are high in demand because of all of this and their average pay per year is $136,380 approximately.

Top 10 Best Jobs In USA 2016, IT Manager

9. Orthodontist

Dental treatments are very expensive all around the world and an Orthodontist is one of the most highly paid personnel. Especially if you are running a private clinic then you can charge whatever amount you like. The annual income of an orthodontist is around $130,000.

Top 10 Best Jobs In USA 2016, Orthodontist

8. Architects

Their job is to design and make sure all the technicalities in the project are correct. They can even provide consultancy and approval after going over a design. They make a good living with an annual income of $140,000.

Top 10 Best Jobs In USA 2016, Architects

7. Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum engineers are hired for managing and locating oil reserves and overseeing their extraction. This particular job is very highly paid in USA. On an average a petroleum engineer gets paid around $230,000 a year.

Top 10 Best Jobs In USA 2016, Petroleum Engineers

6. Marketing Officials

In corporate sector marketing officials are always high in demand as the big companies want innovative ideas and best way to market their product in order to attract masses. For this sole reason marketing field is always hiring and pays a really good amount of money. On average a marketing official gets paid around $230,000 per year.

Top 10 Best Jobs In USA 2016, Marketing Officials

5. Pharmacist

Pharmacists are highly paid people. Their job is to keep the medication supply equal in the market. Be in touch with the pharmaceutical companies and what not. They get paid really high for this job, $150,000 a year.

Top 10 Best Jobs In USA 2016, Pharmacist

4. CEO

A Chief Executive Officer or CEO is a person who is in charge of all the departments of a company and has total authority. What could be better than being in charge of it all and be paid for it? Well nothing is better than that and their annual pay is around $200,000.

Top 10 Best Jobs In USA 2016, Chief Executive Officer

3. Bankers

Banks are organization who pay highly to their employees. You have to keep a record of the transaction and deal with clients, so an accountant is most suitable for this particular job. Their annual pay is around $250,000.

Top 10 Best Jobs In USA 2016, Bankers

2. General Physician

Doctors or general physicians help in diagnosing the ailment and then referring them to specialists if the ailment is serious. However they can treat patients on their own as well and get paid a really good amount of money for it. Their annual income is around $260,000.

Top 10 Best Jobs In USA 2016, General Physician

1. Psychiatrist

Helping people with emotional trauma and their state of mind, psychiatrists earn a good amount of money. Considering how they charge patients on hourly basis. Their annual income varies between $250,000 to $300,000.

Top 10 Best Jobs In USA 2016, Psychiatrist

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