Brazil Jobs – Top Ten Highest Paying Jobs in Brazil

Are you Looking for Brazil Jobs. Brazil is considered to be among the not-so-rich countries for the world, but has some great chances to grow in some fields. Let us see what are top ten highest paying jobs in Brazil on the basis of average salary.

10. Physician – Neurology:

While considering this facts of top ten highest paying jobs in Brazil. In this list physician neurology stands on 10th positing amongst highest paying in Brazil. He is responsible to diagnose and treat neurological disorders. The average salary of neurologist is 30,000BRL.

Jobs in Brazil, Physician – Neurology

9. Brazil Jobs – Country Manager:

Country Manager is on 9th position amongst the highest paying jobs in Brazil. He looks after over all company activities at country level. Area Manager, Regional Manager, Regional operation Manager Report to country Manager. The average salary of Country Manager is 30,100BRL.

Jobs in Brazil, Country Manager

8. Geologist:

They work on either in one of any sector like Oil, Energy, Gas, and Mining. He is responsible to exploring metals, oils and other earth resources. Amongst the highest paying jobs in Brazil this position stands on 8th position. The average salary of Geologist is 31,000BRL.

Jobs in Brazil, Geologist

7. Corporate Director:

They serve their duties at executive and management level. They are responsible to deal with corporate clients. Whose portfolio is highest among normal clients? Sometimes corporate director are individual in the company. The average salary of Corporate Director is 34,500BRL.

Brazil Jobs, Corporate Director

6. Jobs in Brazil – Vice President:

The working condition of Vice president is diverse depending on the company status. In banking sector it is a designation of executive person. While in multinational company they report to director. However in Brazil it is considered as highest paying jobs and stand on 6th position. The average salary of Vice president in Brazil is 34,750BRL.

Brazil Jobs, Vice President

5. Public Relations Manager:

They are responsible to build branch image of company by making and execute a communication plan of company. Specialist degree in marketing, advertising and communication is required to get this job. The average salary is 35,000BRL.

Brazil Jobs, Public Relations Manager

4. Chief Executive Officer:

CEO is the most senior executive and consider as most powerful position in the company to take care of investors, customer needs, communities and law. The average salary of Chief Executive Office in Brazil is 36,000BRL.

Brazil Jobs, Chief Executive Officer

3. Chief Financial Officer:

CFO looks after all the financial activities of company. Finance Manager, Accounts Manager and office of finance and accounts reports to CFO. They are responsible for planning, budgeting of financial activities in efficient manner by controlling the cost. The average salary is 37,000BRL.

Jobs in Brazil, Chief Financial Officer

2. Physician – Ophthalmology:

This job is on 2nd position in Brazil amongst the highest paying job. They are specialized in medical and surgical care of eyes system and to work to take care of eye diseases and injury.

Jobs in Brazil, Physician. Ophthalmology.

1. Mechanical Engineering Manager:

Mechanical Engineer is considered as one of the toughest job in industry and considered as top highest paying jobs in Brazil because of the nature of this job. They look after all the aspect of machinery i.e. small parts of machinery till plants and over all operational activities. The average salary is 45,000BRL.

Jobs in Brazil, Mechanical Engineering Manager

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