Business Ideas In Africa

Top 10 Business Ideas In Africa

Africa is one of those continents that is extremely resourceful and which provides a huge amount of returns on the investments. Although you can earn a lot of profit in business but the main issue people face is not knowing where to invest. For investing in a business the first rule is to know the market you are going to invest in so that you can earn maximum amounts of profits without going in a loss. Here is a list of Top 10 Business Ideas In Africa.

10. Agriculture

Africa is renowned for its agriculture, as most of the countries in the continent are mainly dependent on agriculture for their income. It is a huge source of earning of foreign exchange. So any investment done in this particular sector with appropriate machinery will never go to waste. Profits will be generated in huge amounts.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Africa, Agriculture

9. Banking

Africa is a good place to invest in the financial sector and to support this argument we can always talk about the competition between Europe and China to get access to the financial markets make it pretty clear.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Africa, Banking

8. E-books or E-Libraries

The trend of digital library and ebooks is beginning to become common throughout the world and has just started hitting the African continent. Since the whole concept is new, the investment in this business will not go to waste and will lead to good amounts of profits.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Africa, E-books or E-Libraries

7. Housing

African continent is plagued with the problem of housing even in today’s day and age. So people tend to migrate towards urban areas rather than rural areas. The government is forced to take up private contractors to fix the housing problems with that being said it is pretty clear that anyone who invests in the housing sector will earn a good fortune.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Africa, Housing

6. Field Data Collection Services

The one thing that is lacking in Africa is the access to data and for this independent firms are working to solve this problem.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Africa, Field Data Collection Services

5. Logistics

This particular sector of business in Africa is still quite behind and to fill in the gap of technological advancements and investment here will not go to waste.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Africa, logistics

4. Energy Sector

Providing services that people need is one of the best ways to make profit. In Africa there is a huge problem of power outage and energy sector is a little behind so making it easier for people to invest here and earn profit.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Africa, Energy Sector

3. E Commerce

Being in its initial stages, E commerce has not developed as much in Africa. The biggest fear is getting scammed online, so anyone who provides a trustworthy and customer friendly service is going to financially benefit a lot in this market.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Africa, E Commerce

2. Property and Patent Protection

When it comes to taking out product in the market, one always fears those who plagiarize. In order to secure your items and products it should be patented and in Africa the market is slowly growing and is in dire need to patent and property protection services. It is a pretty profitable business.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Africa, Property Protection Services

1 Mobile Government

Use of social media and internet in order to try and bring a transparency in the government sector is going to help a lot to the African countries and for that the investment will help a lot and the investors will get a huge profit.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Africa, Mobile Government


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