France Holidays – 10 Public Holidays in France

Are you searching for France Holidays? Everyone is excited when they get an extra day off from work. Despite of being a hard working nation, French people look forward for extra holidays too, in order to relax and have new start. Here is to provide you information about the public holidays in France.

10.  France Holidays – New Year’s Day:

Celebration of New Year day is made on 1st January of every year all around the world with respect to Georgian calendar and Julian calendar and considered as most celebrated public day.

France Holidays, New Year’s Day

9. Labor Day:

In France King Charles used to give present of Lilly of the valley flower to the ladies of his court on May 1st. Therefore in France they celebrate the occasion with their loved ones and also people use this day as human labor rights. Therefore 1st May is considered as Labor day/public Holiday in France.

France Holidays, Labor Day

8. Victory in Europe Day:

Also called Victory Day / VE Day or V Day is the public holiday on 8th May every year on account of Germany armed force surrender in Second World War II.

France Holidays, Victory in Europe Day

7. Bastille Day:

It is English name of the France national day and it is celebrated on 14th July of every year to memorize the harass on Bastille.

Public Holidays in France, Bastille Day

6. Assumption of Mary to Heaven:

Catholics believe that after her life Virgin Mary was taken into the heaven and it is celebrated on 15th August of every year in France.

Public Holidays in France, Assumption of Mary to Heaven

5. All Saints’ Day:

1st November is a public holiday in France called All Saints Day. In which Christian visit the grave of their beloved family members who had passed away and place the flowers on their graves.

Public Holidays in France, All Saints’ Day

4. Armistice Day:

Every year on 11th November, France celebrates the Armistice Day in relation of agreement which was signed between Allies of World War I and Germany at 11am on 11 November.

France Holidays, Armistice Day

3. Christmas Day:

One of most religious, cultural popular and famous celebration among the billions of Christians all around the world on 25th December along with France and considered as a public Holiday.

France Holidays, Christmas Day

2. Public Holidays in France – Ascension Day:

The Ascension Day is not yet decided day of the year. Occasionally it can be seen after 39 days of Easter Sunday 10 days before Pentecost Sunday and it is a public holiday in France.

France Holidays, Ascension Day

1. St. Stephen’s Day:

It is a day of St.  Stephen who was the first martyr of Christianity. His martyrdom is celebrated by all Christians but on separate days. There have been different opinions and dates about this day. It is celebrated somewhere on 26th December, while some category of Christians celebrate it on 27th December. Other celebrates it on 9th January too.

Public Holidays in France, St. Stephen’s Day

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