Funny Facts – 10 Funny Things About Women

Funny Facts: Women are one of the most complicated and delicate creations of God. While being extremely sensitive and emotional, a woman is blessed with the strength and will power to work things out in every complicated situation. Men and women are different from each other on so many levels. A man is portrayed to be someone physically and mentally strong and whenever we think about the word ‘man’; the first thing that pops into our head is Power. But when we thing about the word ‘woman’ the first thing that comes to our mind is something delicate, sensitive and emotional. Despite all this, there are some areas of life where women exceed the capabilities of any men. Women have now become to equate the caliber of men and have become their competition. There are all sorts of women around the world, but there are some noted patterns of women that are extremely funny and humorous to listen to. These are:

  1. Misery of Women

Misery is a common characteristic seen in many women across the world. If a person spends too much he/she is called extravagant but if he/she spends too little they’re called miser. It is a known fact about the women of Scotland that they are extremely miser and they think a lot before spending their money.

Funny Facts About Women of Scotland

  1. Dishonest or Unfaithful women

It is seen mostly that men are unfaithful to their women but in this era, women are now becoming equal to men in every aspect. It is known that the most unfaithful women belong to America. Well, that’s why their divorce rate is extremely high, isn’t it?

Funny Facts About Women of America

  1. Gossip Queen

Women and Gossip have an extremely old relation. A woman is nothing if she doesn’t gossip and no woman can survive for even a single day without gossiping to another person. Indian woman are designated as the biggest gossipers of the world. If you don’t believe it, go watch Star Plus. You’ll know what I mean.

Funny Facts About Women of India

  1. Husband Beaters

There are many husbands in this world that beat their women just to prove a point or to prove their manhood. But what only a few people know is that there are many women in this world who beat their husband. WHAT A SIGHT. Italian women are experienced husband beaters, so if you catch your husband cheating, call and Italian woman.

Funny Facts About Women of Italy

  1. Working Woman

Woman, in this world are now being forced by the world to work for their family and become the breadwinner. Large portions of working women of the world belong to Spain.

Funny Facts About Women of Spain

  1. Soft Natured Women

Women are considered to be the most delicate and sensitive creation. Many women of the world are soft spoken but mostly these women belong to South Africa. They are extremely friendly and can get along with any person.

Funny Facts About Women of South African

  1. Hard Natured Women

Some women are extremely hard on themselves as well as others. They like to maintain order because maybe they spend their lives suppressed under those principles that she implies them on others as well. The hardest natured women come from Norway. Maybe it’s the cold that made them that way?

Funny Facts About Women of Norway

  1. Silence

Arab is a beautiful land having many beautiful possessions; one of them is their women. Arab women are extremely beautiful, remaining under their veils. But the thing most famous about them is that they are extremely quiet. Well silence is beauty don’t you think?

Funny Facts About Women Arab

  1. Hardworking women

China is a place where people had to work hard for a long time to restore its economy. It is extremely famous about Chinese women is that they don’t worry if they have to work hard. Rather they take on challenges bigger than themselves.

Funny Facts About Women of Chinese

  1. Thankful Women

Every man likes woman who thanks him for everything that he does for him. It is famous about Egyptian women that they are extremely thankful; to their men, to their family, and even to their God. They know what they’ve been blessed with and don’t miss a single day to thank for those blessings.

Funny Facts About Women of Egypt

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