Jobs For Females In Pakistan

Top 10 Jobs For Females In Pakistan

Jobs For Females In Pakistan, Eastern women, specifically that of Pakistan and India have always been considered as a show piece to keep as a symbol of beautification to be kept at home and their potentials to be utilized only for house chores. Modern women of Pakistan have now evolved as amazingly brilliant working women. Keeping in mind the environment of male dominant society of Pakistan, professions with most number of men in it are considered to be a worst choice with respect to our religious values too.

Here is an overview of the 10 to 1 ranking of profession to be adopted by Pakistani women.

10. Banking and finance

Banking requires lot of time and our society does not accept a woman who stays out for all day long, neglecting their responsibilities. Hence, banking and other corporate sector profession are considered to be the worst choice for Pakistani women. However, income of banking professional is prone to a definite increase in regular intervals, but still it is highly advised for Pakistani women to stay away from banking and corporate world.

Jobs For Females In Pakistan, Banking Job

9. Engineering

Eastern women do not have and abiding nature. From following laws to managing diet plans, lack of abidingness is common in our women. Engineering asks an engineer to stick to the task unless it is completed. Hence, engineering is one of the worst choices of profession to be made by a Pakistani woman. Earned income is nominal, and not very high.

Jobs For Females In Pakistan, Engineering

8. Sales Girls

Being a sales girl and going door to door in order to sell items is considered a third grade job in this society. Sales girl are not considered as dignified individuals, with a very low income.

Jobs For Females In Pakistan, Sales Girls

7. Acting

Families in Pakistani society are not too adapted to the thinking of women working as actresses. This profession has now evolved to be considered as a respectable one, with many women adopting it and getting respect at the same time. Our society has a partial mind set regarding women who choose acting as their profession.

Jobs For Females In Pakistan, Acting

6. Teaching

So far, teaching has been a best choice of profession for women in Pakistan. Whether it is teaching in a school or being a lecturer or professional at high school and university level, this occupation has always been viewed as noble and respectful. Unfortunately, teachers are not paid as much as they work hard; this is the only reason of this profession not being on top of the list.

Jobs For Females In Pakistan, Female Teaching

5. Artist

Being an artist for a Pakistani woman is not something to be learned. Most Pakistani women are born with artistic instincts, all they need is some polishing and here they are, all set to make a living through their art. And art includes painting, interior designing, henna art and what not.


Jobs For Females In Pakistan, Art

4. Freelancing:

Freelancing is a very good choice to be adopted by those women who do not want to step outside their home to make a living. This profession provides a very reasonable income.


Jobs For Females In Pakistan, Article Writing

3. Medicine:

Field of medicine can include being a doctor, any specialty, nursing, dentistry and pharmacy. Women can become angels if they adopt medicine as their way to earn living, because selflessness is what required in this field, which is the most common trait of eastern women.


Jobs For Females In Pakistan, Medicine

2. Beautician:

Grooming and looking good is what each and every woman requires, and prefers it to be done by someone of the same sex. Hence, female beauticians are the demand of the day, with a very good income and definite chance of increase in income every now and then.

Jobs For Females In Pakistan, Beautician

1. Fashion Designing

The hype of wearing designer clothes in people is getting common. Everyone wants to look good in the best of apparels. Here is what Pakistani women can take advantage of. Fashion designing is becoming a million dollar industry, and being a part of this industry is putting a silver spoon in mouth by own self.

Jobs For Females In Pakistan, Fashion Designing

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