Jobs In Malaysia – Highest Paying Jobs 2016


Malaysia is an economically strong country with plenty of jobs to offer all the time. This offer is almost open for anyone from the world if they are eligible for it. When person decides to pursue a career, his first job must be like milestone to their career, leading them to the depths of success. Even if a person wants to switch job and get better opportunity and earning, this is also considered as constructive approach.

Jobs in Malaysia are never ending, but those who are looking for best of all opportunities, must search for jobs under the following top ten fields where there is highest earning.

10. IT and Software:

Information Technology and software engineering is trending thing not just in Malaysia but all over the world. If we say that the world stands on these two legs, we won’t be saying it wrong. Chances of earning a good amount in this field are very high when you are in country like Malaysia.

Jobs In Malaysia, IT and Software

9. Sales and Corporate:

However, sales and corporate are two different works but are closely related. On one hand where the business solely depends of the ideas of sales, corporate is the back bone of any firm. Choosing any of these two for job in Malaysia may get you a handsome income anyway.

Jobs In Malaysia, Sales and Corporate

8. Actuarial Science:

Every business needs some predictions. And when these predictions are professionally calculated they become easier to handle. This is what actuarial science is, predicting and giving estimates about business, one of the high paying jobs in Malaysia.

Jobs In Malaysia, Actuarial Science

7. Aviation:

Flying all kinds of aero planes, whether it is travelling or fighting, Malaysia needs them all the time. Hence any career related to aviation has bigger scope in Malaysia as well as it has very high income and chances of salary increments.

Jobs In Malaysia, Aviation

6. Geophysics:

This field is about the study of earth, and a country like Malaysia who is rich is natural treasures, geophysicists have a higher scope as compared to those countries that do not have natural assets.

Jobs In Malaysia, Geophysics

5. Engineering:

Engineers all over the world have a special worth, but Malaysia specially needs all kinds of engineers for their forever development processes in the country and for which they are always willing to pay high amount to whoever they offer jobs.

Jobs In Malaysia, Engineering

4. Doctor:

Malaysian government is always in search for good doctors and pays them handsome salaries because of their large population and health concerns of their people. No doctor in Malaysia can be seen jobless or with low income.

Jobs In Malaysia, Doctor

3. Corporate Services:

No one can deny the value of corporate services unless the world has special value for business. Corporate strategies, and that too very unique are always needed by Malaysians, and those who offer to render good corporate services are paid highly in Malaysia.

Jobs In Malaysia, Corporate Services

2. Finance:

Handling money for business and dealing with clients is all about finance. Finance jobs in Malaysia are out of this world. Good knowledge in finance can lead you to be rich in Malaysia.

Jobs In Malaysia, Finance

1. Pharmacy:

All of the growth of the country like Malaysia is dependent of pharmacy because of health issues solution, as well as this industry is getting bigger day by day and so far the best job to opt for in Malaysia.


Jobs In Malaysia, Finance

Jobs In Malaysia, Pharmacy

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