Poland Jobs – Top 10 Jobs In Poland For English Speakers

If you are planning to get settled in Poland, of course you need to do something to earn a living. Life is not just about going and getting settled at your favorite place, every one need to work, no one is born with a golden spoon. Even rich people also need to do something to survive. Here are the top ten options of Poland jobs you can opt, to earn living in Poland because these are the top ten highest paid jobs in Poland for English speakers. Have a look.

10. Poland Jobs For Marketing Director:

Marketing director is responsible of handling the marketing task of a company, and deal with all the new products and schemes etc. to launch in the market and gathering a whole big number of consumers and be competitive with rivals in terms of brands.

Poland Jobs, Marketing Director

9. Director Of Operations:

A person who has this post is required to keep an eye on the daily activities and work that is being carried out by the employees and assign tasks to everyone.

Poland Jobs, Director Of Operations

8. Relationship Manager:

This is a banking post and can be related to customers or business, but both have high pay opportunities. All you require is to have leadership skills.

Poland Jobs, Relationship Manager

7. Director Of Application Development:

This job is on the top ten list because every company either big or small needs a system to be run on its computers and to run the company all over, this is where this post comes in.

Jobs In Poland, Director Of Application Development

6. Jobs In Poland for Mine Engineer:

This guy has to look at all the matters in mine, and it is indeed a tough job, and the fruit of this job is the high payment. Instructing the miners and working all day inside a mine is not an easy job at all.

Jobs In Poland, Mine Engineer

5. Operations Manager:

This is banking job and this guy has to look after all the operation carried out at the particular bank branch assigned to him. This work is highly paid because of the nature of work and mental alertness required.

Jobs In Poland, Operations Manager

4. General Manager:

This guy is the boss, but has one or two bosses above him too. He is in total control of the company and in charge of the entire worker, either of senior or junior posts.

Jobs In Poland, General Manager

3. CFO:

Chief financial officer is the backbone of a company. All the finance although not contributed by him, but depends on him for sure.  This responsibility makes this job to be one of the highest paid in Poland.

Poland Jobs, Chief financial officer

2. Insurance Analyst:

With increasing assets of people and companies, everyone needs their owed things to be insured. Here is when insurance related people have a good chance of flourishing, and all the wealth depends on them, making them to be second highest paid job of Poland.

Poland Jobs, Insurance Analyst

1. Data Specialist:

Either it is data entry or warehousing, every job related to keeping data is important. Because all the money depends on the data stored, this is why these people are most in demand in Poland.

Data Specialist in Poland

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