Polish Holidays – 10 Public Holidays In Poland

Are you looking for Polish Holidays? Poland is country where people wait for holiday other than weekends, in fact being more honest people wait for such holidays in every part of the world due to many reasons. First of them being that it is an extra holiday, and such holidays are usually announced on festivals so these holidays call for celebration too. Have a look at ten public holidays in Poland.

10. New Year Day in Poland:

It is obviously on 1st January and celebrated in almost all countries of the world to give people a fresh beginning of the New Year and get rest after New Year night celebration.

Polish Holidays, New Year Day in Poland

9. Easter Sunday:

There is no particular date for this holiday, but all we are sure is that it is a Sunday in spring. Easter celebrations come along with this holiday.

Polish Holidays, Easter Sunday

8. Polish Holidays – May Day:

It is on 1st may to pay tribute to labors all over the world. It also coincides with international workers day, call for two reasons for a holiday.

Polish Holidays, May Day

7. Constitution Day:

Just one working day after the May Day, and then get another holiday of 3rd may on account of constitution day of Poland. This day is celebrated in every country with respect to their own constitution.

Public Holidays In Poland, Constitution Day

6. Corpus Christi:

This is religious holiday and observed on ninth Thursday after Easter. Reasons behind this holiday are to give respect to the days of Roman Catholic people.

Public Holidays In Poland, Corpus Christi

5. All Saints Day:

This is also a holiday observed in many other countries in which Christianity is the religion of majority of the people. All saints day is also token of respect for religion by the government.

Polish Holidays, All Saints Day

4. Independence Day:

Poland got independence on November 11 and this day is celebrated each year on account of this great day in the polish history.

Polish Holidays, Independence Day Poland

3. Christmas Day:

Christmas is the day when Jesus Christ was born. This day is celebrated every year all over the world with full zeal and zest, and religious ceremonies being held in churches followed by Christmas parties. To enjoy this day to fullest, Poland has a holiday on 25th December every year.

Public Holidays In Poland, Christmas Day

2. Boxing Day:

A unique concept to honor poor people is the Boxing Day. It is celebrated on 26th December followed by Christmas, and on this day Christmas boxes (containing different gifts for them) are given to employees especially of lower grade by their master for their happiness only.

Polish Holidays, Boxing Day

1. Social Workers Day:

This day is celebrated on 21st November and it is a holiday in some parts of Poland, mind it that it is not observed as state holiday.

Social Workers Day

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