Powerful Women – Ten Powerful Ladies In The History

Women empowerment is not new, women has always been very powerful in all the preceding years of world history and women will be powerful in the years yet to come. No one has ever denied the efforts of women to change the world, but if we say that women are solely responsible for all the positive changes in the world. Here are top ten Powerful women that made positive changes in the world. Ten Powerful Ladies In The History

10. JK Rowling:

She was an author of one of the most famous selling Harry Potter series which broke all the records and she was considered to be most successful self made woman in the history because she had struggled very hard to get to this point.

Powerful Women, JK Rowling

9. Oprah Winfrey:

She was the first to possess her own talk show host. She liked to focus the issues which were faced by American women and the people like her the way she host the program because it was so influential for others.

Powerful Ladies, Oprah Winfrey

8. Madonna:

She is the one who was multitalented and based in America. She is a song writer, actress and considered as one of the most successful women in music industry of all the time.

Powerful Women, Madonna

7. Benazir Bhutto:

She had the honor to become the first female prime minister of Pakistan amongst the Muslim countries. She wanted to execute social reforms for helping women and poor people. A lot of women were idealized her as she was considered to be the most successful Prime Minister in the history of Pakistan. She passed away on 27th Dec 2007.

Powerful Ladies, Benazir Bhutto

6. Diana, Princess of Wales:

Known as Lady Diana a British Royal Princess most beautiful and innocent woman. She liked to spend most of the time in civilized charity work. She had the soft corner for people of the society. Marriage with Prince Charles created so many barriers in her life. But still considered as most popular women in the world.

Powerful Ladies, Lady Diana

 5. Anne Frank:

She is a Jewish author; her diary is considered as most extensively read books in the world. She like to diagnose the thought of young girls, she has a strong belief that every people have really good heart.

Powerful Ladies, Anne Frank

4. Helen Keller:

She was a social extremist, unfortunately at the age on 19, she was disabled and difficult for her to hear and visually impaired. To overcome this disappointment she started the campaign determinedly on behalf of deaf and blind people.

Powerful Women, Helen Keller

3. Indira Gandhi:

Like Benazir Bhutto, she had an honor to become first female prime minister of India between 1966-77 and 1980-84. She also had the honor to serve the longest period as prime minister.

Powerful Women, Indira Gandhi

2. Coco Chanel:

In the world of fashion designing she is most creative fashion designer, and created the sense amongst the female during the 20th century.  She had revolutionary ideas specially she has the ability to redesign male clothes for the women

Powerful Women, Coco Chanel

1. Mother Teresa:

The lady who won the nobel prize in 1979 for his kindness towards poor and rejected females. She spend her all life in charity work. She was very much devoted and really feels care for hundreds of people who were sick and died in Calcutta or in any other part of the world.

Powerful Women, Mother Teresa

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