Rich French Men – Top 10 Richest Person In France

Are you looking for Rich French Men? France is considered as one of the largest economy in terms of purchasing power. As they have produced many billionaires because the products of France are used worldwide. Whether we talk about fashion or we talk about wines or we may talk about perfumes. France is dominating the other countries.Here we will brief you about the Top 10 Richest Person In France.

10. Vincent Bollore:

He is leading the Bollore group. This was established in 1822. He is the chairman and CEO of his company business in 1981 and since that his aggressive approach brings his company in world 500 largest companies. The net worth of this wealth is 8.6 billion USD.

Rich French Men, Vincent Bollore

9.  Xavier Niel:

He is on 9th position amongst the richest billionaire in France.  He is the technology industrialist. He got the opportunity to become billionaire when the share price of his parent company telecom outfit was high. In world richest people he is on 154th position and the net worth of his wealth is approx. 8.8 Billion USD.

Rich French Men, Xavier Niel

8. Gerard Wertheimer:

64 year old billionaire full name Gerard Paul Philippe Wertheimer is a French business man based in Geneva. He is the partner with his brother in the company house of channel perfume with net worth 8.7 billion USD.

Rich French Men, Gerard Wertheimer

7. Alain Wertheimer:

He is the brother of Gerard Wertheimer and the partner of his family company house of channel perfume and had some investment in Bell & Rose Company also. He is on 7th position in the list of France richest men.

Rich French Men, Alain Wertheimer

6. Carrie Perrodo:

Although she was a model but she is very lucky to become billionaire after the death of her husband Perrodo because the wealth of his husband is passed down to Carrie.

Richest Person In France, Carrie Perrodo

5. Serge Dassault:

He is the French senator, chairman and CEO of the group Dassault, This group is dealing with aerospace products, media and software. He is by birth billionaire because of the heredity form his father’s business.

Richest Person In France, Serge Dassault

4. Francois Pinault:

He is 77 year old billionaire. He is the chairman and shareholder of the company Kering. Now his sons are controlling the company operations. He is also an art collector and has largest collection of contemporary worldwide.

Richest Person In France, Francois Pinault

3. Patrick Drahi:

He is the example of those who are self-made. He became a billionaire on his own feet without any support. He established the Luxembourg telecom group altice. After entering in American telecom market his business grew and made become him in a list of billionaire. His net worth wealth is around 10.3 Billion USD.

Richest Person In France, Patrick Drahi

2. Rich French Men – Bernard Arnault:

He is the chairman and CEO of LVMH a famous brand world leading Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy multinational. He is the 51% shareholder of LVMH. The net worth of his empire is 30 Billion USD.

Bernard Arnault

1. Richest Person In France – Liliane Bettencourt:

She is 91 year old lady. Because of dementia she is unable to actively participate in running the company which was found by his father and now her daughter is managing all company operations.

Liliane Bettencourt

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