Richest Armenians – Meet Top 10 Richest Men In Armenia

Want to meet Richest Armenians ? In Armenia, wishes are in every heart to have lot of money, but only few of them have the guts to work hard and be rich. Top ten of those people are enlisted here. The list of the richest people may not have official facts as it is very common to hide wealth in Armenia. The list is based on several polls conducted among the people of Armenia.

10. Khachatur Sukiasyan:

He is one of the most influential political, personalities of Armenia, and has acquired most of his wealth through his family business, but stepped into politics by choice.

Richest Armenians, Khachatur Sukiasyan

9. Maxim Hakobyan:

Leading businessman of Armenia, and required all his wealth by his self-created business. He is an example of hard work and ultimate struggle. If you want success, you should idealize this man.

Richest Armenians, Maxim Hakobyan

8. Tigran Sargsyan:

Tigran is the acting prime minister of Armenia and a very famous political figure of Armenia. His passion for work and struggle brought him all the money he has. He is a dedicated man and his children are also very successful people of Armenia.

Richest Armenians, Tigran Sargsyan

7. Ruben Hayrapteyan:

He is the president of football federation of Armenia, and also a well-known person all over the country. Each and every matter of football federation happens with his consent.

ռուբեն հայրապետյան, Ruben Hayrapteyan

6. Hovik Abrahamyan:

The recent prime minister of Armenia is the 6th richest man of the country, and he was formerly the speaker of national assembly. He is the member and the president of the republican party of Armenia.

Richest Armenians, Hovik Abrahamyan

5. Gagik Khachatryan:

He is the head of the state revenue and the retired weight lifter of Armenia, who used to compete and represent Armenia in the Olympics before he got retired. He is on the number 5 of richest people of Armenia.

Richest Armenians, Gagik Khachatryan

4. Samvel Alexanyan:

He is the member of parliament and is on number 4 in richest people of Armenia and his net worth may be more than we consider because he may hide his actual net worth.

Richest Armenians, Samvel Alexanyan

3. Gagik Tsarukyan:

He is the leading business man in Armenia with partnerships with many influential personalities and politicians too. He is also a politician himself, and very active at it.

Richest Armenians, Gagik Tsarukyan

2. Serzh Sargsyan:

Seems like rich people are ruling Armenia, another example is here. Serzh is the recent president of Armenia and being the second richest man of the country.

Richest Armenians, Serzh Sargsyan

1. Robert Kocharyan:

The richest man of Armenia as considered by the people of the country was also the former prime minister of the country. If we read his history and life events, he has always been a controversial person in his entire career.

Richest Armenians, Robert Kocharyan

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