Top 10 Highest Paying Argentina Jobs – Logistics Manager, Attorney

When you are highly qualified then you expect to be paid as per your qualification and if you are experienced many years in your respective field then you deserve to get very nice pay. Here are some of the job opportunities in Argentina that have the highest chance that you might get a very good salary for them. Let us have look at these top ten Argentina Jobs.

10. Maintenance Manager:

A maintenance manager is an engineer who is in charge of maintaining the quality of several engineering products and machineries that a company manufactures, basically that person is the most experienced engineer in the firm.

Maintenance Manager, Argentina Jobs

9. Country Manager:

This job is related to Management field. This job can be of any company but related to the management department, and requires a person to be at least an MBA with several years of experience to be the 9th most highly paid person in the country.

Country Manager, Argentina Jobs

8. Web Developer:

Developing websites and web pages for companies is the requirement which can never get declined in this era of information technology. Creating and updating tasks of websites are performed by these Web Developers.

Web Developer, Argentina Jobs

7. Senior Paralegal:

This is a job in a law firm and it has to do with all kinds of legal activities and laws related stuff, and senior paralegal needs to know all about it and is gradually promoted to this post after years of experience at junior levels.

Senior Paralegal, Argentina Jobs

6. Argentina Jobs – Attorney:

Seems like people of Argentina need lot of legal things and tasks to be done. Same is the case with an attorney. This person is lawyer who can also perform tasks as a legal representative of a company.

Attorney, Argentina Jobs

5. Director of Operations:

This is also a management related job and the person on this post is considered to be an executive. Director of operations can be of any company or in bank too.

Director of Operations

4. Actuary:

Actuary of an insurance company is the fourth highly paid job in Argentina. Insurance company depends too much on actuaries because they always take care of any risks and deal with any unusual events.


3. Chief Information Security Officer:

This person is related to information technology sector and is related to ensuring the security of online as well as offline information of any company.

Chief Information Security Officer

2. Operation Manager On Power Plant:

This power plant can be of anything like oil, gas, energy or mining. Operations are controlled on every kind of power plant by this person.

Operation Manager On Power Plant, Argentina Jobs

1. Logistics Manager:

Among all the paid jobs, this one is highest paid as per average calculation of salary. This person has to look after all the goods manufactured by a company and is in charge of delivering them at right place at right time and with a good amount of profit for the company. This is indeed a tough job.

Logistics Manager, Argentina Jobs

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