Top 10 Most Richest Men In The Brazil

It is said that money cannot buy happiness, but it can definitely buy things that can make you happy. Talking about Brazil these days, let us have a look at the ten most richest men of Brazil with their net worth.

10. Giancarlo Civita & family:

Last member of top ten richest men is Brazil is Giancarlo Civita. He is the son of Billionaire. After his father’s death, he and his brother took the charge of Grupo Abril. This is one of the largest magazine publishers in Brazil.

Most Richest Men, Giancarlo Civita

9. Walter Faria:

An added personality Walter Faria the 9th richest man of Brazil. He was born in 1955. He is the owner of Grupo Petropolis considered as second largest selling beer in Brazil. The net worth of his capital is 3 Billions USD.

Most Richest Men, Walter Faria

8. Ermirio Pereira de Moraes:

One more 8th richest businessmen of Brazil. Mr. Ermirio. After the death of his father he and his sister took the charge of privately held Votorantim Group which is considered as one of the largest private company in Brazil. The net worth of his wealth is 3.2 Billion USD.

Most Richest Men, Ermirio Pereira de Moraes

7. Jose Roberto Marinho:

Brother of Joao Roberto and Irineu, He started his career as a journalist for the newspaper O Globo but at the end of 1990 the command of this organization moved in 3 brothers. The net worth of Jose Roberto Marinho is 8.2 billion. He is 7th richest man of Brazil.

Most Richest Men, Jose Roberto Marinho

6. Joao Roberto Marinho:

Some people bring gold spoon with them at their birth. Joao Roberto is amongst of them. His father billionaire, his brother billionaire and he are also a billionaire and stands on 6th position of richest men in Brazil.

Most Richest Men, Joao Roberto Marinho

5. Roberto Irineu Marinho:

He was born on 13th October, 1947 a Brazilian billionaire business man.. After the death of his father he and his brother took the control of Grupo Globo. This is now a day’s world’s largest media company in Brazil.

Most Richest Men, Roberto Irineu Marinho

4. Carlos Alberto Sicupira:

Another richest Brazilian business man from Rio de Janeiro. He is the partner with Telles in 3G Capital and major stakeholder in Burger King. He is on 4th richest man in Brazil.

Most Richest Men, Carlos Alberto Sicupira

3. Marcel Herrmann Telles:

He is a Brazilian businessman and net worth of his wealth is 13.2 billion USD. He is the board member of AB InBev and co-founder and board member of 3G capital. He has done MBA from Harvard University. Based on his wealth he is the 3rd richest man in Brazil.

Most Richest Men, Marcel Herrmann Telles

2. Joseph Safra:

He was born in 1939 and he is a Brazilian banker who is looking after Brazilian banking and Investment Empire and also he is serving as a chairman of all safra companies. With respect to net worth of USD in his wealth amounting 17 billion consider him as 2nd richest man in Brazil.

Most Richest Men, Joseph Safra

1. Most Richest Men – Jorge Paulo Lemann:

He is dual national business man of Brazil and Switzerland. According to Forbes He is the 19th richest person in world 1st in Brazil and 2nd in Switzerland with estimated worth of USD 31 billion.

Most Richest Men, Jorge Paulo Lemann

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