✔ Top 10 Polish Politicians, Palikot Janusz, Donald Tusk

Every country has some people who run it. No country is complete without a set of people who run it and make it presentable to the entire world. These people are called politicians who are in charge of some or other thing in a country. Politicians of Poland are also so effective that they are successful of making a soft image of Poland in the world. Let us have a look at the names of top ten popular Polish Politicians and their political careers.

10. Bartosz Arlukowicz:

He is the current health minister of Poland, and a qualified child specialist too. Sit he beauty of Poland politics that the health minister is a doctor, so he can handle the health affairs in a better way.

Polish Politicians, Bartosz Arlukowicz

9. Wojciech Olejniczak:

He is the member of parliament of Europe and leftist politician. He has also been the member of alliance party of Poland and his skills and political efficiency makes his in the top ten lists.

Polish Politicians, Wojciech Olejniczak

8. Slawomir Nowak:

He was formerly member of sejm for 4 years continuously and is now the member of parliament of Poland. He was also the minister of transport in Poland, and dealt in all kinds of transport related problems of the country.

Polish Politicians, Slawomir Nowak

7. Adam Hofman:

He is the member of Law and justice party of Poland and represents his part in the polish parliament. He was also an elected member of Sejm in Poland and one of the influential personalities of Poland.

Polish Politicians, Adam Hofman

6. Ryszard Kalisz:

He is also one of those politicians who are leftist politicians of Poland. He also remained in left alliance party of Poland. He completed his education from university of Warsaw and is a highly qualified politician of Poland.

Polish Politicians, Ryszard Kalisz

5. Pawel Gras:

He has remained an elected member of Sejm several times in the political history of Poland.  He works in Prime Minister Office of Poland as the secretary of state. He has also served as the speaker of government of Poland.

Pawel Gras

4. Jerzy Buzek:

He was the member of parliament of Europe as well as the speaker of the same parliament. He has also served as the prime minister of Poland in the previous years and was successful one.

Jerzy Buzek

3. Donald Tusk:

He is the prime minster of Poland these days, but still not the most popular politician of Poland as per followers on twitter.

Donald Tusk

2. Radoslaw Sikorski:

He is the minister of foreign affairs of Poland, but still more popular than the prime minister because of this services towards the country.

Radoslaw Sikorski

1. Palikot Janusz:

Palikot is the leader of the party Your Move in Poland, which is a one of the leading parties of Poland and the political influence is high in the country.

Palikot Janusz

10 Polish Politicians

  1. Palikot Janusz
  2. Radoslaw Sikorski
  3. Donald Tusk
  4. Jerzy Buzek
  5. Pawel Gras
  6. Ryszard Kalisz
  7. Adam Hofman
  8. Slawomir Nowak
  9. Wojciech Olejniczak
  10. Bartosz Arlukowicz


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