Top Earning Jobs In UK

Top Earning Jobs In UK

In today’s day and age even before starting professional education one needs to completely think it through as to which professions are highly paying. With the increasing number of jobs comes competition and it is necessary to do your research accordingly to secure your future and be successful. So here is a list of Top Earning Jobs In UK.

10. Solicitor (Legal Professionals)

They are the people who provide legal advice and assistance in matters regarding laws and what legal action is to be taken in a particular situation. They clients can vary from individuals to groups of people to even big corporate companies. Their average salary might be £73,425.

Top Earning Jobs In UK, Solicitor

9. Air Traffic Controller

People who are behind management of aircrafts and directing them to their respective destinations are known as air traffic controller. Their job is to ensure the arrival and departure of aircrafts on time. The medium of communication is radio and radar system which enables them to locate their route and direct a safe flight to the ultimate destination. Their average income is £75,416.

Top Earning Jobs In UK, Air Traffic Controller

8. Financial Managers and Directors

Job of a financial manager is fairly easy provided that the person hired has expert knowledge in this field. Their job is to provide advice on financial matters to their clients and enable them to make the right call in business matters. Their average salary is £76,320.

Top Earning Jobs In UK, Financial Managers

7. Advertising and Public Relations Directors

In this particular field of work individuals are hired on the basis of their expertise in marketing and their abilities to come up with creative ideas to advertise a particular product or service keeping in mind the psyche of the people and how to influence them. The average is £77,619.

Top Earning Jobs In UK, Advertising

6. Financial institution managers and directors

Their job is almost the same as financial managers and directors. They provide advice on the matters related to finance. Their salary is same as the financial managers as well.


Top Earning Jobs In UK, Financial institution managers

5. Information Technology and Telecommunications Directors

An IT specialist is a requirement for big organizations now and can be really beneficial in the long run. Their number of jobs may be less but their work is highly helpful to the organization they work in. Their average salary is around £80,215.

Top Earning Jobs In UK, Information Technology

4. Marketing and Sales Director

Personnel whose area of expertise is marketing and sales can be hired to be a marketing and sales director. Their job description is to strictly monitor the sales department of their organization and their pay is £82,962.

Top Earning Jobs In UK, Sales Director

3. Flight Engineers

Such people are hired in order to make flights more safe, efficiency of fuel also to reduce the cost of system and advancement of technology. Their job pays around £90,146.

Top Earning Jobs In UK, Flight Engineers

2. CEO

A person in charge of an organization and overseeing all the departments of a particular organization is known as CEO. A CEO’s job pays around £107,703.

Top Earning Jobs In UK, CEO

1. Brokers

In UK brokers are highly paid people. Their job description is fairly simple they act as middle man between the producers or venders and their clients. They have to make use of their detailed knowledge regarding a particular product or what they are selling and attract clients. Their average salary is about £133,677.


Top Earning Jobs In UK, Brokers


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