Top Ten Highest Paying Norway Jobs – IT Manager, HSEQ Administrator

Norway is one of the expensive countries of the world. To get settled here, you need to have a good job in order to survive and meet all the needs. We have prepared list of ten highest paying Norway jobs to help you decide about settling there.

10. Norway Jobs – IT Manager:

An IT manager is the one who looks after all the information technology related matters of the firm or the company, and is responsible for tackling technological matters of the country, and the IT staff works under him.

Norway Jobs, IT Manager

9. Gas supply Manager:

Gas supply manager is responsible for the provision of supply of natural or any kind of gas to the respective areas and all. The duty of this profession is clear by the name, and the nature of job is highly responsible one, and no doubt deserves to be paid high.

Norway Jobs, Gas supply Manager

8. Team Leader:

All kinds of jobs in Norway are done in the form of teams by various people, and every team needs to have leader. Being a team leader in Norway for any task is one of the highest paying jobs in the country, because it requires full responsibility.

Norway Jobs, Team Leader

7. ERP Project Manager:

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Most of the projects and tasks in firms and companies have to deal with ERP now, and ERP Project Manager is the head of all of them. Other than this, there is various other ERP related job opening s in Norway too.

Norway Jobs, ERP Project Manager

6. Financial Analysis Manager:

This post of job has to do with banking, and being a banker in Norway is not easy. People trust you with lot of money and you are in charge of satisfying and assuring them.

Financial Analysis Manager

5. HSEQ Administrator:

Health of the people, of a country is a prime issue every government has to tackle along with other issues related to hygiene. A personnel that is related to look after these matters is the HSEQ administrator.

Norway Jobs, HSEQ Administrator

4. General Manager:

You cannot get this post at once; you are gradually promoted to it with lot of hard work and efforts. But the pay of a GM is any company or firm is among the top most paid professionals, and it is all due to their experience.

General Manager

3. Vice President:

This post is even higher than the GM, and the salary is also higher than the GM. Vice president has to look all the matters of all departments.

Vice President

2. Tax Manager:

He is the one who saves people from legal problems. This person deals with all tax related matters of the company for which he is hired for, and is in charge of getting all taxes paid in order to save them from any troubles.

Tax Manager

1. Highest Paying Norway Jobs – COO:

Chief Operating Officer ( COO ) of a company is the major person to have control on all matters of the firm and looks after all the matters. No decision is taken without his consent but still he is not the owner, but is a highly paid for his job.

Chief Operating Officer

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