Top Ten Politician In The World

No country in the world can work even for a single day without any authority to look after the rules and regulations and the working of it. Every country has a chosen group of people that leads the country and helps it to flourish and move forward. It depends on the system of any country, presidential or parliamentary, how the roles of different authorities are to be assigned. Different people called politicians work and strive hard for their people and fight in the elections to get opted as the head of any state. The past has seen and experienced many eligible and worthy politicians that made their mark in the world with their vigilance and experience. Here we have a list of Top Ten Politician In The World.

  1. Bashar al-Assad

The Syrian president, Bashar Al Assad has been working for the betterment of his people from 2000. He actually studied medicine and was appointed as an army doctor and even went to London for his studies. But after his brother’s death, he came back to Syria and joined military forces and went to war with Lebanon 1998. Many people were against him but he worked through the negativity for his people.

Top Ten Politician In The World, Bashar al-Assad

  1. Hassan Rouhani

The seventh president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani was appointed as the president in 2013. Prior to presidency, Hassan was a lawmaker and also studied Law at Glasgow University. He was termed as the top negotiator of his country between UK, France and Germany. He worked for civil rights of his people and restored the status of women by appointing them as government officials.

Top Ten Politician In The World, Hassan Rouhani

  1. Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma was elected in 2009 as the president of South Africa and was appointed again in 2014. Jacob Zuma has faced many allegations including corruption and racketeering but was redempted from them soon. Zuma holds a medical degree and has worked for the improvement of quality of life of his people of South Africa.

Top Ten Politician In The World, Jacob Zuma

  1. Angela Merkel

Also been designated as the Chancellor OF Germany since 2005, Angela is a world famous German Politician and also a research scientist. She was the first female to be appointed as a chancellor and broke all the stereotypes of this society. She introduced many reforms for health, energy and refugees.

Top Ten Politician In The World, Angela Merkel

  1. Tayyip Erdogan

The current and the twelfth president of turkey, Tayyip Erdogan is an exceptional politician. Prior to this he remained the Prime Minister from 2003 and was appointed president in 2014. Erdogan has faced many allegations but has carried his head high through each of them. He introduced new infrastructure in Turkey as well.

Top Ten Politician In The World, Tayyip Erdogan

  1. Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-Un is called the supreme leader of North Korea. He was appointed in 2012 and since then has worked for the people and country of North Korea. Kim is a person with strong ideology, leadership, virtues, courage and grit. He has led his country through many hours of strife and succeeded.

Top Ten Politician In The World, Kim Jong-Un

  1. Hillary Clinton

Wife of the 42nd president Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton herself is a successfful American politician. She remained the first lady of US from 1993 to 2001. She has worked a lot, during many conflicts of US with Pakistan, Libya, Arab Countries and some others. She is participating in the presidential elections of 2016 and hopes to become the next president.

Top Ten Politician In The World, Hillary Clinton

  1. Imran Khan

Imran Khan is world renowned Pakistani politician who prior to this was an exceptional cricketer. He was also a chancellor in the University of Bradford. He introduced Shaukat Khanum Hospitals around Pakistan to help patients fight diseases. He has been working since 1998 and still works to better the lives of his Pakistani Brethren.

Top Ten Politician In The World, Imran Khan

  1. Barack Obama

The current and 44th president of USA, Barack Obama was appointed for this office in 2009. Since then he has led his country through many changes with the slogan Change, WE NEED!  He has worked to provide rights to minorities and has ordered many operations against USA’s enemies and has proved to be a worthy president.

Top Ten Politician In The World, Barack Obama

  1. Xi Jinping

The current president of China, Xi Jinping is an amazing personality, who helped his people of China in the time of need and difficulty. He was appointed in 2012 and has introduced many social, political and civil reforms. He led many high profile operations and worked for the sovereignty of his state.

Top Ten Politician In The World, Xi Jinping

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