Top Ten Politicians Of Armenia

Politics is something not considered to be good among those who do not belong to this field. But what so ever is the case, it all depends on the honest of politicians to be justified with their work and responsibilities. Armenia politics is very different just like all other things in the country. Politicians of Armenia are very famous too. Let us see the enlisted politicians of Armenia and short details about their political careers.

10. Bob Avakian:

Bob is actually American because he lives there and works for an American communist party, but is of Armenian origin. His political career makes him famous because of his honesty in the field.

Politicians Of Armenia, Bob Avakian

9. Arturo Sarukhan:

He is a Mexican by origin. His political party consists of part switching and lot of other milestones. Right now he is resident of Mexico City and does his political activates from there.

Politicians Of Armenia, Arturo Sarukhan

8. Armen Sargsyan:

Armen was the prime minister of Armenia till 1997. Before being the prime minister of Armenia, he served as the ambassador of Armenia in London and also gave his services as a faculty member of a popular university.

Politicians Of Armenia, Armen Sargsyan

7. Aram Sargsyan:

He is brother of Armen Sargsyan. He has also been the prime minister of Armenia formerly, and gave his excellent services to the country.

Aram Sargsyan

6. Anna Eshoo:

She is one of the leading politicians of California, but included in the list of Armenian politicians because she has an Armenian descent from his maternal side. She is an active member of congress and served a lot for the party.

Anna Eshoo

5. Andranik Ozanian:

He was a military commander of Armenian army, and this was the reason for his political involvement. Other than being attached to military, his political services were a symbol of honesty.

Andranik Ozanian

4. Andranik Margaryan:

He is no more with us, but he died when he was the prime minister of Armenia in 2007. He was on this post for 7 years consecutive. He was also a member of republican part of Armenia.

Andranik Margaryan

3. Anastas Mikoyan:

He is also no more, but is one of the most famous politician of Armenia who is still remembered. His services mainly dealt with that of Soviet Union.

Anastas Mikoyan

2. Alexander Raphael:

He was British come Armenian and served in the House of Commons, which was the main reason for him to be famous that he is on number to of famous politicians list.

Alexander Raphael

1. Adam Benjamin:

He died in 1982, but still remembered because of his honesty towards his work. Recent politicians lack this type of honesty and dedication towards their work.

Adam Benjamin

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