Top Ten Richest Men in Norway – Petter Stordalen, Andreas Halvorsen

Money cannot buy happiness but being the richest of all makes you happy though. Let us see who these types of happiest richest Men of Norway are.

10. Petter Stordalen:

He is standing on 10th position of Norway richest person. He was born in November 1962. He has invested in hotel, real estate as well as proclaimed environmentalist. According to Forbes list of billionaire his net worth of wealth is around 1.2 billion USD. Although he is a businessman but he also donates a large amount of money to charitable organization.

Richest Men, Petter Stordalen

9. Kjell Inge Rokke:

He was born in 25th October 1958, Major source of his income from fishing business. He is also a joint owner of Wimbledon Football club. As per the list of Forbes billionaire the net worth of this wealth staying him on 9th richest people in Norway. In 2005 he was convicted for involvement in illegal purchase of boat license and remained in prison for 25 days in Hof Prison.

Richest Men, Kjell Inge Rokke

8. Arne Wilhelmsen:

Mr. Arne is the oldest billionaire in the list of top ten richest men in Norway. Major source of his income from Cruise ship business called Royal Caribbean cruises. This is considered as one of the largest cruise company in the world. He is on 8th position amongst the richest men in Norway.

Richest Men, Arne Wilhelmsen

7. Andreas Halvorsen:

One of the top educated billionaire of Norway. He is an entrepreneur and investor. Initially he started his career as Investment banking officer.  But in 1999 he started his own company co-founded with Viking Global Investors. Now he is the CEO of the company and the main operation of this company is to cater the public funds and invest in international market. According to resources he is on 7th position in the list of richest men of Norway.

Richest Man in Norway, Andreas Halvorsen

6. Richest Men in Norway – Johan Johannson:

The important thing about Johan is he spent his life like a low public profile. He is the owner of whole seller company Joh. Johannson which was founded on 1866 under the supervision of his father and then he took the charge of this company and provided a new identity to bring the biggest wholesaler company in Norway.

Johan Johannson

5. Johan H Andresen Jr:

He was born in 25th July 1961. He is one of the biggest industrialist and investor in Norway. He is the Chairman of Ferd. According to magazine Kapital list of the 400 richest Norwegians, Andresen is ranked as 5th position with a net worth of around USD 3.27 billion.

Johan H Andresen Jr

4. Stein Erik Hagen:

He started his business in 1970 with his father and founded a discount store. Till 2000 he remained the owner of this store and then he sold his store to other company and money was invested in Orkla and became chairman of this company. In Norway Richest people he is on 4th position.

Stein Erik Hagen

3. Odd Reitan:

The co-owner and CEO of Reitan group. He established his first shop in 1972, and then in 1979 he established the grocery chain store REMA 1000 and after became a huge success of this store. Till 1990 in every village of 10,000 Norwegian have 1 REMA 1000 store. He is on 3rd spot of this list.

Richest Men, Odd Reitan

2. Olav Thon:

He has one of the biggest private real estate companies with 450 properties and 60 hotels. He is on 198th position in world richest person and in Norway he is on 2nd position.

Olav Thon

1. John Fredriksen:

He is known for his major ownership in companies which is engaged in shipping and seafood business. Also he has world largest oil tanker fleet. Due to his interest in shipping business his name was included in world 10 most influential people in shipping industry. The net worth of his wealth around 11.9 billion USD. This brings him in 1st position of Norway’s richest man.

John Fredriksen

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