10 Basketball Players Of All Time

When it comes to basketball NBA’s history is full of some amazing basketball players. They are legendary because of their records that have been unbreakable. For sports fanatic we have compiled a list of 10 basketball players of all time.

10. Hakeem Olajuwon

Known for his offensive strategy, Hakeem Olajuwon is regarded as one of the best basket players of all time. His blocks per game average was 3.3. Some of the other players on the team also got inspired from his style and trained themselves to change it a bit.

10 Basketball Players Of All Time, Hakeem Olajuwon

9. Tim Duncan

If you want to look at the consistency of the player then there is no better example than Tim Duncan. If you go through his stats you, there will not be a big fluctuation in his performances throughout the years. One reason he is called “Big Fundamental” is stated above. He led a team to four NBA Championships and won three of Finals MVPs.

10 Basketball Players Of All Time, Tim Duncan

8. Shaquille O’Neal

Known to be a total opposite of Duncan, Shaquille O’Neal was extremely aggressive in his strategies. He could easily bully his way past the defendants and used to win because of this strategy and is considered one of the best players of all-time.

10 Basketball Players Of All Time, Shaquille O’Neal

7. Bill Russell

Winner of 11 out 13 titles, Russell was one of the greatest players NBA had. The team in which played was the one that used to win most of the championships and even though during that time there were only a few teams but no one can deny Russell’s legendary performances and achievements.

10 Basketball Players Of All Time, Bill Russell

6. Wilt Chamberlain

Another player that played during the time when there were less teams is Wilt Chamberlain but it does not change the fact that he deserved all of it. The biggest achievement for him was when he scored a 100 points in a match, a record is still unbreakable so far.

10 Basketball Players Of All Time, Wilt Chamberlain

5. Larry Bird

Although not athletic Larry Bird was still the most dominant player in the court when he was playing. He made up for his shortcomings with the use of his technical and mental skills and by being a strategic player.

10 Basketball Players Of All Time, Larry Bird

4. Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Prior to Duncan the only player known for consistency was Kareem Abdul Jabbar. His ability to maintain his averages just added to his greatness even more. It is safe to say he is one of the best players that NBA has seen.

10 Basketball Players Of All Time, Kareem Abdul Jabbar

3. Magic Johnson

Charming as he was Magic Johnson made his way up the ladder of popularity using his skills. He was one of the best all-rounder that was there in the history of basketball and made his team proud because of his achievements.

10 Basketball Players Of All Time, Magic Johnson

2. Lebron Johnson

People who consider Johnson an overrated player is actually one of the best players that played basketball. His record is impeccable and his streak has not been broken.

10 Basketball Players Of All Time, Lebron Johnson

1. Michael Jordan (10 Basketball Players Of All Time)

Michael Jordan or MJ is quite possibly the best player ever to set foot on the basketball court. All that hype that we know for Michael Jordan is actually justified considering how amazing he was during matches and how he managed to maintain his record.

10 Basketball Players Of All Time, Michael Jordan

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