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An ODI (One day international) match consist of 50 over’s and also known as limited over match comprising a day match or day/night match.  In late 70’s after Kerry packer and unofficial World Series competition bring a revolution in ODI cricket and provide a sense to play ODI cricket in color full kit. After the formation of ICC (International cricket council), they had planned to start their own tournament between the affiliated members of ICC. Like World Cup and ICC Champions Trophy. Cricket lovers found in all over the world and very much passionate about to know the statistics of their favorite team. Here is the list of Top 10 Cricket Teams according to ICC racking .

10. Afghanistan:

Afghanistan started to play their cricket in mid of 19th century but they become a member of international cricket council in 2001 and played their 1st world cup as a qualifier in 2009. They are improving day by day and stand at 10th position in ICC ODI ranking.

Top 10 Cricket Teams, Afghanistan Cricket Team

9. West Indies:

This team has an honor to win 2 consecutive World Cups of 1975 and 1979 under the umbrella of ICC. From 1970 to 1990 they were considered to be the strongest team of ODI and test matches. But from last couple of year the graph of their performance is in declining because of participation of major players showing their interest in other leagues and stands at 9th position.

West Indies Cricket Team

8. Pakistan:

Pakistan won the world cup in 1992 under the captaincy of Imran Khan and considered as unpredictable team because of their bowling strength. Their bowling is considered as one of the best bowling strength of all the time but from last couple of years their performance are not up to the mark. If such performance continues then Pakistan has a threat to play world cup qualifier for 2019.

Top 10 Cricket Teams, Pakistani Cricket Team

7. Bangladesh:

Bangladesh played their 1st world cup in 1999 and beat Pakistan. They have honor to play 2 finals of Asia Cup against Pakistan and India. Although their ODI record is not very well. But after 2015 world cup they win the series against Pakistan, India and South Africa in their home ground and stands at 7th position.

Top 10 Cricket Teams, Bangladesh Cricket Team

6. England:

England is the most unfortunate team. They had played 3 finals of World cup, 2 finals of ICC champions Trophy but unable to win any of them. In 2015 world cup was a disaster for them as England was out from the 1st round of the world cup.

Top 10 Cricket Teams, England Cricket Team

5. Sri Lanka:

In 1996, Sri Lanka became the third Asian team to won the world cup final beat Australia in Gaddafi Stadium and proved to be the strongest team of ODI. They also have an honor to win 5 Asia Cups heading with India.

Top 10 Cricket Teams, Sri Lankan Cricket Team

4. South Africa:

South Africa cricket team also known as choker’s amongst the cricket lovers, it is one of the greatest and toughest team but they are unable to win any ICC championship matches.

Top 10 Cricket Teams, South Africa Cricket Team

3. India:

Besides with West Indies India have also honor to win 2 world cup in 1987 and 2011, 1 ICC champions trophy and 5 Asia Cups. Since they start to play cricket, their strength is batting and considered to have the strongest batting side amongst all the cricket teams.

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Indian Cricket Team

2. New Zealand:

Like England, New Zealand has never won any world cup but they have won 1 ICC Tournament. Although they have proved to be the toughest team from last couple of years and won many series of ODI against toughest teams. They have been unable to perform well in ICC tournament. Base on their series to series performance they stand at number 2 position.

New Zealand Cricket Team

1. Top 10 Cricket Teams – Australia:

No words has been made to praise Australian Cricket Team, They made appearance in 7 world cup finals out of which they had won 5 world cup and 2 ICC Champion trophy. Their performance graph remains sustain from last 25 years and that’s why they become the 1st position holder in ICC ODI list.

Australian Cricket Team

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