ICC Rankings – Top 10 Test Cricket Teams

Cricket is the game which is being played around the world, especially in Asia. This game is played between 2 teams. Each team has 11 players.History of test cricket is very old.  The first official test match was played between England and Australia on 15th March 187`7, on Melbourne cricket ground and Australia won this match by 45 Runs. Test cricket consists of 5 days comprises 90 overs in each day having 2 breaks of lunch and tea. Each team has to bowl 30 overs before each break. Here we will provide you the top 10 ICC Rankings (International Cricket Council) Test Cricket teams Ratings.

10. ICC Rankings – Zimbabwe:

This team is now considered as baby of cricket, Zimbabwe got officially test status in 1992, after getting the status this team was performing very well in the presence of Andy Flower, Grant Flower, Alastair Campbell, Heath Streak. But after their retirement they faced the major down fall because of no quality backup available to replace their places. Because of this their test status was suspended by ICC from 2006 to 2011.

ICC Rankings, Zimbabwe Cricket

9. Bangladesh:

Bangladesh got the ICC Test Team status in 2000 after beating the Pakistan in 1999 World Cup as considered as one of the biggest upset in the history of cricket. In start they were also considered as baby of cricket but from last couple of year they are struggling very hard to get their self in the height of success.

ICC Rankings, Bangladesh Cricket

 8. West Indies:

They played their first international test match in 1928 with England. Since after that they didn’t look back and considered as the strongest team of all the time in mid of 19th century.  They produced great players in history. But from last couple of years they have been also seeing downfall because of dispute of players with their board and their domestic system unable to create quality players.

ICC Rankings, West Indies

7. Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka got the ICC full test team status in 1982 and recorded their 1st win against India. They produced quality players. In the era Muttiah Muralitharan a champion spinner of Sri Lankan team who has a record of top wicket leading in test cricket won many test matches.

ICC Rankings, Sri Lanka

6. New Zealand:

They played their first match in 1930 and played 42 matches before their 1st win. Since start New Zealand is considered as a very good team in T20 and One day team. But their team performance was question mark. But from last couple of years they are improving very well in test format as well.

ICC Rankings, New Zealand

5. England:

England played their first match in 1877 with Australia. England is considered as the founder of cricket. England and Australia teams are strong rivals and play a series named Ashes.

ICC Rankings, England

4. Pakistan:

Pakistan played their first match in 1952 after 5th year of independence and produced legendary players in cricket of all the time. In Asia, Pakistan has the record to win more matches amongst the other Asian teams.

ICC Rankings, Pakistan

3. South Africa:

Although South Africa start to play test matches in 1889, but their golden era starts in 1991 after the end of suspension imposed by ICC and considered as unbeatable team in any format of cricket.

ICC Rankings, South Africa

2. India:

India played their first test in 1932 and played 24 matches before their 1st win. They are considered as strongest team in their home ground but in other countries their test record is not satisfactory as it should be.

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ICC Rankings, India

1. Australia:

Till the end of March 2016, Australia became the number 1 team in ICC Test team ranking and they deserve to be because they are performing very well in the entire format and has the honor to win their first official test match against England in 1877.

ICC Rankings, Australia

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