Top Ten Cricket Players Of All Time

Top Ten Cricket Players Of All Time

Cricket is one of those sports which is played as well as viewed by millions of people all over the world. It is also exclusively the national sport of England. Everyone loves cricket; whether it is a small child or an adult in his 80s. Everybody loves the intriguing and suspense filled game of cricket. The technologies now have made it even easier to watch a cricket match LIVE, while being anywhere around the world. This sport has a team of 11 players working in the playground and a bunch of helpers and Coaches working at the backend to help assist the players and help them improve their skills. This game has been acknowledged and played all over the world and therefore produced players of excellent game plans and statistics. The list of Top Ten Cricket Players Of All Time

10. Wasim Akram – Pakistan

Wasim Akram is one of the outstanding bowlers of all-time but is also known as an all-rounder. He scored 257 runs in ’97 and achieved a total of 500 wickets in the World Cup of 2003. He played from the year 1985- 2003.

Top Ten Cricket Players Of All Time, Wasim Akram – Pakistan

9. Sir Richard Hadlee – New Zealand

Hadlee is an exquisite All-rounder who played during the time 1973-1990. He was opted as the second greatest Test bowler of all time. Hadlee has a record of acquiring 431 wickets in his test career of 86 tests and has made a total of 3124 test runs in his whole career.

Top Ten Cricket Players Of All Time, Richard Hadlee – New Zealand

8. Shane Warne – Australia

Shane Warne was an amazing player and played across the year 1992-2013. He was a brilliant bowler of his time who made the bowling action “leg spin” popular once again. He has a record of scoring 708 wickets in his whole career and was awarded the Wisden award numerous times.

Top Ten Cricket Players Of All Time, Shane Warne – Australia

7. Muttiah Muralitharan – Sri Lanka

An amazing player of his time, Muralitharan has been titled as the best player in the year 2009 by the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanak. His cricket career has been from the year 1992 to 2010 and has the record of scoring a total of 800 wickets, beating Shane Warne’s record in the year 2007.

Top Ten Cricket Players Of All Time, Muttiah Muralitharan – Sri Lanka

6. Jacques Kallis – South Africa

Kallis is one of the outstanding all-rounders of all time, scoring more than 11000 runs and acquiring 250 wickets in his whole career. He played from year 1995 to 2014 and became the second highest scorer of Test 100s.

Top Ten Cricket Players Of All Time, Jacques Kallis – South Africa

5. Imran Khan – Pakistan

Imran is one the exquisite players who lead his team to a win the World Cup of 1992. By his excellent leadership qualities he made sure his team took the win. He played from 1971 to 1992 and in his career; He scored 3807 runs and 382 wickets and was named as the second best all-rounder after Gary Sobers

Top Ten Cricket Players Of All Time, Imran Khan – Pakistan

4. Sir Viv Richards – West Indies

Richards was a wonderful batsman and was mostly famous for his ODI runs. He played from the year 1974- 1991 and was awarded with being the third greatest batsman by the Wisden Cricketers Almanak. He has made 24 centuries over his career and scored more than 36000 runs.

Top Ten Cricket Players Of All Time, Viv Richards – West Indies

3. Garfield Sobers – West Indies

He was an outstanding all-rounder of all time that started out as a bowler, but with time became an exceptional batsman. He made the record of scoring 354 runs in a test match and made a century in his debut test against Pakistan in ’58. He played from 1954- 1973

Top Ten Cricket Players Of All Time, Garfield Sobers – West Indies

2. Sachin Tendulkar – India

Sachin played from 89-90 and has remained an exceptional batsman of all time. He started out at 17 and amazed his followers by the enthusiasm with which he played. He scored a total of 34357 runs in his career and played total 664 matches.

Top Ten Cricket Players Of All Time, Sachin Tendulkar – India

1. Sir Donald Bradman – Australia

Given the title of Sir, Bradman was an outstanding batsman of all time who played from the year 1928- 1948. He scored a total of 309 by himself in 1930. He was not only a player, but an administrator and a selector too. He was worth three batsmen to the Australian team.

Top Ten Cricket Players Of All Time, Donald Bradman – Australia

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