Top Ten Fastest Bowlers in the History of International Cricket

In any team fast bowlers play a key role. Some time they impress with their pace, swing, length and accuracy. But there are many bowlers they impress with their pace (Fastest amongst others) and played as a nightmare for batsman and ruin their careers. Here is the list of Here is the list of top ten fastest bowlers in the history of international cricket. Legendary batsmen against them get confused how to play with their paces.

10. Fastest Bowlers – Shane Bond:

New Zealand fast bowler plays a key role in their bowling line-up and consider as fastest bowler in New Zealand history. His fastest bowling recorded 156.4 Km/h against India.

Fastest Bowlers, Shane Bond

9. Mohammad Sami:

Mohammad Sami played from Pakistan side. He is the second fasted bowler after Shoaib Akhtar in Pakistan History. But due to short temper of mind he lost his line in matches and unable to make a permanent position in team. His fast bowling recorded 156.4 Km/h.

Fastest Bowlers, Mohammad Sami

8. Mitchell Johnson:

MJ started his career in 2007 against Sri Lanka in Brisbane and retired in 2015 against New Zealand at Perth. He is one of the fastest pace attack in Australian Line-up and played a key role to win series against opponents. His fastest bowl recorded 156.8 Km/h.

Fastest Bowlers, Mitchell Johnson

7. Fidel Edwards:

West Indies fast bowler due to his pace considered on number 6 place. He suffered through many injuries problem thorough out his careers. His fastest bowl recorded 157.7 Km/h.

Fastest Bowlers, Fidel Edwards

6. Andy Roberts:

One of the legendary fast bowlers in West Indies Pace attack of all the time. In early 80’s batsman had to struggle against his pace. His fastest bowl recorded as 159.5 Km/h.

Fastest Bowlers, Andy Roberts

5. Mitchell Starc:

Like MJ, He is also the fast bowler in Australia. But he is continuously suffering from backbone and hamstring injuries and misses most of the matches. His fasted fowl recorded as 160.4 Km/h.

Fastest Bowlers, Mitchell Starc

4. Jeff Thomson:

No one heard this name but he was the fastest bowler of early 70’s and became the first fastest bowler in history at the time. As many legendary batsmen of early 70’s rated Thomas as the fastest bowler of all the time. His fastest bowl recorded 160.45Km/h.

Jeffrey Thomson

3. Brett Lee:

Brett Lee brother of international cricketer Shane Lee Is the third fastest bowler in history of all the times. He also has the honor to be a part of Australian Squad who won the world cup of 2003 and 2007. Lee started his career in 1999 against India and ends his career against South Africa. He is 4th most successful bowler in Australian history. His fastest bowl recorded 160.8 against New Zealand.

Brett Lee

2. Shaun Tait:

An Australian based bowler started his career in 2005, but due to major injuries he pursue his career in short format especially in T20. He stands on 2nd position. His fast bowl recorded as 161.1 Km/h.

Shaun Tait

1. Fastest Bowlers – Shoaib Akhtar:

A legend, Passionate cricketer, aggressiveness on his face the name who has secured the 1st position in fastest bowling of all the time is Shoaib Akhtar. He ruins the careers of many batsmen and the nightmare for many batsmen. He had an honor to bold a legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar on golden duck. He bowled at a speed of 158,159,160 and the last but not least 161.3 km/h. He was the first bowler in history to bowled 100.2 Mph.

Shoaib Akhtar

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