Top Ten Wrestlers Of 2016

Top Ten Wrestlers of 2016

In 1980s Vincent Kennedy McMohan came up and started an organization with the vision that evolved the world of professional wrestling. Soon as the company rose so did its fame and the wrestlers made their way up to the top. We have witnessed so many changes occurring in WWE and it just doesn’t stop at all. Here we have compiled a list of top ten wrestlers of 2016.

10. The Undertaker

Undertake is one of the oldest wrestlers. He has always been considered as one the legendary wrestlers of all time and has still managed to be among the top ten wrestlers. Keeping in mind that he has invested over two decades in this industry and yet there hasn’t been a single wrestler who managed to achieve the level of fame that Undertaker has. His legacy remains even after the end of his golden days. His achievements include winning the WWE title eight time and winning the multiple tag team championship. One major achievement being his winning 21 matches in WrestleMania. Another noteworthy thing about Taker is his grand yet haunting entrance before every match it is legendary.

Top Ten Wrestlers Of 2016, The Undertaker

9. John Cena

John Cena is another one of those names that you need not to introduce as they are already fan favorite. He debuted in the world of wrestling against Kurt Angle and made his performance the talk of the town. His achievements include lifting and slamming Big Show at WrestleMania XX and winning the United States Championship, winning 14 world titles, 3 United States title and 4 tag teams. His career is filled with heated moments with almost all the top names in wrestling and his winnings which makes him an amazing wrestler.

Top Ten Wrestlers Of 2016, John Cena

8. Big Show

World’s largest athlete, known as Big Show has been a part of WWE since the year 1999. Yet another one the legendary wrestlers who is still a big name in the world of wrestling. His achievements includes winning 4 World Championship titles, winning world heavy weight champion twice, one United States Championship and many more accomplishments.

Top Ten Wrestlers Of 2016, Big Show

7. Dean Ambrose

A more recent name in the world of wrestling is Dean Ambrose. He is the current WWE intercontinental champion, he was a member of The Shield with Seth Rollins. He has managed to boost his career and has been among the most legendary wrestlers and it is a huge thing even for a newbie.

Top Ten Wrestlers Of 2016, Dean Ambrose

6. Roman Reigns

Footballer turned wrestler, Roman Reigns is another newbie in the world of wrestling. Even though he hasn’t been here for long he has managed to make his way among the elitist because of his achievements. He signed up with WWE in the year 2010, although his career had a rocky start he did manage to make his place. He even managed to defeat The Shield in a Triple Threat Match. Keeping aside his lows he is an amazing wrestler and has achieved a lot in his short time here.

Top Ten Wrestlers Of 2016, Roman Reigns

5. Seth Rollins

Again a new addition here we have Seth Rollins. He claimed to be the “future of WWE” looks like he knows how to keep his word. Seth Rollins has been counted among top ten wrestlers for a reason. His achievements and his records are amazing.

Top Ten Wrestlers Of 2016, Seth Rollins

4. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt debuted in the world of wrestling in 2009 not mention winning in his debut match. It is an achievement itself. He won Florida Tag Team Championship twice, a few other achievements made him the fan favorite instantly. Some newbies are actually really good and he is one of them.

Top Ten Wrestlers Of 2016, Bray Wyatt

3. The Uso Brothers

The Usos are two brothers who joined wrestling fairly recently around 2012. Their combined achievements include winning Florida Tag Team Championship once and winning a few other matches and have attracted a lot of fame and popularity among the hardcore wrestling fans.

Top Ten Wrestlers Of 2016, The Uso Brothers

2. Triple H

Elitist wrestler Triple H has been in the game for a very long time and is the current WWE Heavy Weight Champion. He is also a shareholder of WWE NXT, even managed to marry in the McMohan family and has been an important asset of WWE. We don’t even need to mention his achievements to tell everyone how important he is as already fans have enough of an idea to see him stand on the second spot on the list.

Top Ten Wrestlers Of 2016, Triple H

1 Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is the ultimate legendary figure in wrestling world. As it is said wherever Brock goes destruction follows, meaning he has beaten greatest of them all out there and he even went and joined MMA which is something very few have done so far. And after a long time of absence he did rejoin WWE and is on top since then.

Top Ten Wrestlers Of 2016, Brock Lesnar

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