10 Apps That Changed The World

10 Apps That Changed The World

Every day, a new smart phone is being launched and they are supported by Android, Java or iOS applications.  These applications provide for an efficient use of a smartphone and have grown and flourished ever since.  These Applications helped users communicate, navigate, modify documents and entertained users since their introduction in the technological market. Just like many other applications, some applications have changed the world by the uniqueness and innovativeness and have amazed the users. These applications are stated below:

10.  Dropbox

Dropbox is an amazing applications that can help users save their files online on a ‘cloud storage’ and then can be easily accessed from any Personal computer whether at home, office or anywhere on Earth. It is actually a folder that syncs your data and saves for an unlimited time until you require.

10 Apps That Changed The World, Dropbox


9. Snapchat

Snapchat is an amazing application that doesn’t store any data. It is really common with people of young age. Storing data is a valuable requirement but sometimes it causes trouble as well. This application is now of the value $20 billion and people send over 700 million snaps per day.

10 Apps That Changed The World, Snapchat

8. Spotify

Spotify is an outstanding app that has changed the Music industry since its launch in 2006. It allows users to stream videos, music, and podcasts. Users can listen to music by searching through an incredible list of music from all around the world. It has made a business of about $75 million uptil now and has over 20 million paid users.

10 Apps That Changed The World, Spotify

7. Ushahidi

A commendable application on the list in Ushahid is ‘Testimony’ in Swahili. It was used to assist people to report any event of violence in Kenya during 2008 in the election crisis and has helped people raise their voice in desperate times like Haiti Earthquake and conflict with the Middle East.

10 Apps That Changed The World, Ushahidi


6. Tinder

Finding a perfect match for anyone is an exasperating and frustrating event, so to eliminate this frustration, a group of youngsters launched this application. Since its arrival, it has enhanced speed dating and has boosted the traditional dating. 50 mill users

10 Apps That Changed The World, Tinder

5. Square

Sometimes managing cash and its communication is a bit of a hassle. The app Square Cash helps you to pay through email and has simplified the way people make transactions. The only thing you require is mobile and you can make payments easily.

10 Apps That Changed The World, Square App

4. Flipboard

Nowadays, People want to stay updated on everyday news. Flipboard revolutionizes the way newspapers and magazines work. It provides us with different content from different newspapers according to the needs and likes of the users.

10 Apps That Changed The World, Flipboard

3. Truecaller

Before smart phones, no telephone was built to identify the caller IDs of the callers which proved to be annoying for users when it came to prank calls. This application launched by True Software helps users identify the contact details of any caller and help block unwanted calls as well as maintain an efficient phonebook.

10 Apps That Changed The World, Truecaller

2. Airbnb

Airbnb was founded in 2008 and revolutionizes the mainstream travel bookings and accommodation. Through a single app, users can book their flights and even hotel accommodations, from a list of numerous different options, just before even starting their trip from a


10 Apps That Changed The World, Airbnb

1. Uber

The most used application that has changed the way we move the UBER application that is slowly replacing the conventional taxis and buses. This application helps riders to connect with drivers and transport them anywhere they want just with the help of an Application. Launched in 2009, this app is now worth $62.5 billion.

10 Apps That Changed The World, Uber

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