10 Human Eye Facts – Weight of Eyes, Blinking, Size of Eye

Do you love that beautiful sunrise you see every morning? Or that beautiful beach and those waves you see that make you want to jump into it and enjoy the freshness of sea water? Without seeing what actually those things are, you can’t feel the actual beauty of them. Eyes are one of the biggest blessing of God and we should be thankful to Him, every single day for them. We might not know how important Eyes are for us, but ask a blind person, and you’ll know. These following human eye facts might make you feel a bit more thankful for the gorgeous eyes that you guys have:

10. Restless Beauties

Eyes are in constant state of work, they don’t rest or sleep. They don’t even take a SUNDAY! Eyes are one of those parts of our body that do not rest, even if we’re asleep. It can work at any moment.

Human Eye Facts, Restless Beauties

9. Blind Spot

You might not know it, but our eyes have a hole in them called the Blind Spot. This spot actually connects the retina to the optical nerve. But the beauty of our eye and sight is that you will never notice that spot or hole whenever you are looking because other parts work in group to cover those spots.

Human Eye Facts, Blind Spot

8. Un-Transplant-able

Eyes is one of the very few parts of the body that has not been able to be made available to people as a transplant. Blind people find it very hard to get an eye transplant because the optical nerve is too complex and sensitive that it is difficult to adjust and difficult for retinal cells to grow. But each and every day, science is taking a step forward to success.

Human Eye Facts, Un-Transplantable

7. Scientific Wonder

You might find it hard to believe but Eyes are a unique gift and designated as a ‘scientific wonder’. Eyes work in the same respect as a camera but eyes are even more complex and delicate than normal cameras. Your eyes adjust so beautifully to the changing light that even some cameras fail to do so.

Human Eye Facts, Scientific Wonder

6. Blinking

Blinking is another wonderful phenomenon of the eye. Blinking is done mostly to lubricate your eyes or to protect them from dust from time to time. A normal person blinks almost 2 to 50 times in a minute. And these blinks are 1/10th of a second long.


5. Controlling Muscles

To control the eyes and their blinking, eye muscles are located just around the eyes. These muscles are designated as being the strongest muscles in the body as their job of controlling these eyes is extremely difficult. And these muscles are almost 100 times more controlling.

Controlling Muscles

4. Size of Eye

Great things sometimes come in small package. Eyes are extremely delicate yet extremely important part of the body, but are extremely small. They are almost 1 inch in diameter. Your eyes grow until two weeks since the development of your eyes.

Size of Eye

3. Automatic

Whenever are brain sends images, those images are backwards and even upside down. What the Eyes do now, is extremely amazing. Our eyes immediately adjust themselves, even to get better light, your pupil adjusts itself accordingly.


2. Human Eye Facts – Weight of Eyes

No doubt our eyes are extremely small, but they are extremely light. Our eyes weigh almost 28 grams but are powerful enough to manage 85% of any information you get. The retina of your eye is as delicate as a wet tissue.

Weight of Eyes

1. Second Most Powerful Organ

Our eyes never sleep or rest, they are always in Motion. They take up almost 65% of the power in your brain and have the ability to process 36000 bits/ hour of any information. Because of these reasons, th

Second Most Powerful Organ

e eye is designated as the second most powerful organ and no one has a doubt about it.

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