Camera Apps – Top Ten Apps for Android

These days it has been a new trend to post pictures on social media taken by your own smartphones. Basically amateur photography is the new cool and for that reason people try to use different camera apps to get the effects right. Here is a list of top 10 camera apps for android devices.

10. Camera MX

If compared with the apps on this list this is an okayish app but if you compare this app to all the other apps on the Play Store then it is actually really good. It is still really good if you are a beginner although it may not fascinate many professionals.

Camera Apps, Camera MX

9. Camera Zoom FX

The most unconventional thing about this app is that after taking a picture it lets the users apply filters, however these filters are not premade. The app allows users to add different effects and customize their filters.

Camera Apps, Camera Zoom FX

8. Camera 360 Ultimate

Now we all know this cool and amazing effect of camera 360. Most people choose to use this app instead of the inbuilt app already installed in the smartphone.

Camera Apps, Camera 360 Ultimate

7. DSLR Camera Pro

For those who think carrying their cameras around is a hassle or do not possess a DSLR, then DSLR Camera pro is the app for you. It offers various features that a DSLR has and the results are amazing.

Camera Apps, DSLR Camera Pro

6. GIF Camera

This app is the most interesting one out of them all. Why? Because this app lets users create their own GIF, the working is pretty simple. You capture a video and then this app processes it and changes the format to gif which you can later on share on social media.

Camera Apps, GIF Camera

5. Google Camera

This app is launched by Google itself, as the name suggests. It offers amazing features of editing an image after it is captured. Like most Google apps it is of high caliber as well.

Camera Apps, Google Camera

4. HD Camera Ultra

This app is simpler compared to the stock camera app of the phone. It offers the same features that any other camera app allows, the focus is nice and has amazing results.

Camera Apps, HD Camera Ultra

3. Open Camera

For those of you who are pro open source programs, well this is an app of your liking. Open Camera offers a number of zooming, focusing and stabilizing features with a lot of other basic camera options. This app is free with no in app purchases.

Camera Apps, Open Camera

2. Snap Camera HDR

This app as a replacement for stock app has been in the market for a while now and is still on the top. The features are amazing and unique and the picture quality is as good as ever.

Camera Apps, Snap Camera HDR

1. Otaku Camera

For all the anime and manga fans out there we have found you an app that you will fall in love with. The app is more for a specific purpose than a general purpose app. The app offers special features like graphic options, frames and conversion of any normal picture into a manga.

Camera Apps, Otaku Camera

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