Keyboard Apps – Top 10 Keyboard Apps on Android

Although the stock apps of the phone are always on point but users tend to want more from the keyboard apps sometimes than the stock app has to offer. Here is a list of top 10 keyboard apps on Android.

10. Fleksy Keyboard

It was pretty much apparent that ever since Fleksy keyboard app was launched it tried and tried to overthrow the most famous keyboard app on the Google Play Store i.e. Swiftkey. This app has a lot of cool features to offer like invisible keyboard, above average prediction and multiple languages, etc.

Keyboard Apps, Fleksy Keyboard

9. GO Keyboard

For this product by GO, well there is no middle ground. While some users love it the others tend to be on the other extreme. It offers a bunch of themes and is a fun app over all.

Keyboard Apps, GO Keyboard

8. Google Keyboard

It is yet another Google app that we find in the market and love. The app itself is loaded with amazing features and is kind of a stock app for Google phones like Nexus.

Keyboard Apps, Google Keyboard

7. Hacker’s Keyboard

This keyboard has a very loyal set of fans who have been using it for as long as they can remember. The app has been in the market for quite some time and has been popular ever since. The most unique feature of this app is that it can give you keys that are available on PC like function keys, cntrl and atl button on your PC’s keyboard.

Keyboard Apps, Hacker’s Keyboard

6. Keymonk Keyboard

The most unique feature on Keymonk is that enables users to swipe using multiple fingers on the keyboard which makes typing quicker than swiftkey or any of its competitors in the Google Play Store.

Keyboard Apps, Keymonk Keyboard

5. Kii Keyboard

Although keyboard doesn’t have any unique features it still is widely used and popular among the fans because of its standard features. It is a pretty solid option.

Kii Keyboard

4. Minuum Keyboard

Newly launched Minuum Keyboard is one that does not follow the conventional QWERTY keypad but sets up a new one. The app is unique yet popular and really good.

Minuum Keyboard

3. Smart Keyboard Pro

This keyboard app has been a competitor for a while now. Although the app may not look as impressive but it has made some really good changes over time and is considered one of the best keyboard apps for Android devices.

Keyboard Apps, Smart Keyboard Pro

2. SwiftKey Keyboard

Famous for its predictive text, SwiftKey is one of the most popular app among its niche. If you want a bundle of features and a smooth working app then this is the app you are looking for. It doesn’t get better than this.

Keyboard Apps, SwiftKey Keyboard

1. Swype – Keyboard Apps

This app is popular and is included as a stock app in some of the phones. It offers features that has the most accurate predictive text and a very smooth UI. Try it and you won’t regret.

Keyboard Apps, Swype

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