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People have been listening to music for years now, but the way they listen what they listen songs on has changed and evolved a lot over the years. Now people just download music in their devices directly and use their phones or tablets as a music player or for streaming music. Sometimes the stock app player is not as good and for that purpose people go ahead and download different music apps, here is a list of top 10 music apps for Android devices.

10. Apple Music

Closely linked to beats streaming and Apple’s iTunes, this app has been used majorly by IOS users and now that it is available on android people have started using it as it provides a wide range of music library.

Music Apps, Apple Music

9. Spotify Music

Spotify is one of the most largely used apps available on Google Play Store. It has a very familiar and easy to use UI along with a huge collection of music from which people can stream music from.

Music Apps, Spotify Music

8. Amazon Music

Ever purchased music from Amazon? Well the Amazon app allows you to stream all the records purchased using prime. How cool is that?

7. Google Play Music

With a collection of over 30 million songs, Google Play Music is one of the best streaming and downloading apps when it comes to music.

Music Apps, Google Play Music

6. Pandora

An app that enables its users to customize their preference in radio station based on the artist of their liking is Pandora. This app just keeps on getting better and better. The best part is that it is available for free on Google Play.

Music Apps, Pandora

5. Rhapsody

Rhapsody is one of the oldest and the most popular music streaming app there is. The ratings are high as always and it has a very nice interface which just makes it better. The app is easy to use and has a minimalistic design.

Music Apps, Rhapsody

4. Microsoft Groove

After the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft switched Xbox360 Music to Microsoft Groove. The name was not the only thing that changed, they made some really good changes and made this app one of the best streaming apps and player ever.

Music Apps, Microsoft Groove

3. Slacker Radio

This app is unique from its kind because of the prioritizing techniques used to distinguish the radio stations using different artists. The app gets frequent updates which just keeps on improving it and the best thing is that it is free of cost.

Music Apps, Slacker Radio

2. Songza

If you do not get enough time to customize a playlist for yourself then Songza is the app that you have been looking for. This app asks questions and your location and creates a customized playlist based on such factors.

Music Apps, songza

1. Soundcloud

The one streaming app that almost every Android user has used so far is Sound Cloud. Although the app has been used a lot it did have its highs and lows but now with constant updates it has improved significantly and is the best app available on Google Play Store.

Music Apps, Soundcloud

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