Top Ten Android Wallpapers

Android smartphones allow its users to customize their smartphones to great lengths. The most basic of customization starts with changing of wallpaper on their home screen for which there are thousands of amazing wallpapers out there, but for your convenience here is a list of Top Ten Android Wallpapers.

10. Abstract Design

If you are a fan of abstract and geometric design with a hint of digital touch in it, then this wallpaper is something that you will prefer to use. It has an abstract design with geometric circles on it.

Top Ten Android Wallpapers

9. Rain Drops

If you are a nature lover and need a constant touch of nature around you then you will fall in love with this rain drops wallpaper which gives an effect of rain drops falling on the screen.

Top Ten Android Wallpapers, Rain Drops

8. Silver Splatter

If you love all things metallic and minimalistic designs then this is the wallpaper you have been looking for. The design has a sophisticated touch to it.

Top Ten Android Wallpapers, Silver Splatter

7. Galaxy

Are you into astrology and science? Love knowing more about universe? To match a wallpaper with your geekiness we have come to conclusion that this is the most suitable wallpaper.

Top Ten Android Wallpapers, Galaxy

6. Sunset

Another amazing wallpaper for all the nature lovers out there is that of a photograph of a sunset.

Top Ten Android Wallpapers, Sunset

5. Leather

If you’re one of those people who like to keep their wallpapers minimalistic and have a keen eye for textures then this is the one for you.

Top Ten Android Wallpapers, Leather

4. Wood

Some people like their wallpapers to be closer to nature but not quite in their raw forms so here is a new and unique picture of a burnt wood which looks amazing.

Top Ten Android Wallpapers, Wood

3. Metallic

For all those who love metal and have always been into minimalistic designs this one is for you.

Top Ten Android Wallpapers, Metallic

2. Colors

For all those who love vibrant colors on their home screens, here is a color ridge for you to make it a bit more cheerful.

Top Ten Android Wallpapers, Colors

1. Bar

The most minimalistic and sophisticated yet colorful of them all is bar with different colors on them, here take a look. You will definitely fall in love with it.



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