Top Ten Apps For Android

Top Ten Apps For Android

Looking up apps for Android devices can be intimidating considering how the Google Play Store is filled with hundreds of thousands of apps. Whether it is the best camera app or weather check there are so many variants available that you cannot just pick one. So here we have a list of Top Ten Apps For Android devices which took so much time compiling as it takes time to test them out. Check the list given below.

10. Best Weather App: MORECAST

Morecast is one of the best weather apps available for free on Android. It has a nice UI, layout is simple and minimalistic, and it is considered the most advanced app of its kind. It offers you comparison of forecast for two cities and provides the most accurate stats on weather. So far the best app for weather is Morecast.

Top Ten Apps For Android, MORECAST

9. Best Android Keyboard App: Fleksy

Many users don’t like the stock app for keyboard on their phone and decide to download some other app for it. Well we have made your job easier by providing you with the best keyboard app on Google Play Store the name is Fleksy. It has a very nice interface, the app remembers and saves your words and even has the backward swipe feature. All in all has all the essential features you might need in an ideal keyboard app.

Top Ten Apps For Android, Fleksy

8. Best App for Downloading Music: Google Play Music

When it comes to downloading music there aren’t very many good apps for it as they might not have the songs that you are looking for or they might have too many ads. Google Play music is the best app there is for downloading music for free it offers a huge variety of songs in almost every genre and is very easy to use.

Top Ten Apps For Android, Google Play Music

7. Best Storage App: Google Drive

With the increasing number of substitutes for cloud apps it is hard to find the one that is best for you well Google Drive is the best, Mostly it is already installed in the android devices. However if that is not the case then go ahead and download it as it offers a huge amount of storage space and is super easy to use.

Top Ten Apps For Android, Google Drive

6. Top Messaging App: Textra

Textra is like the best messaging app. It offers a huge range of customization and you can change almost everything on this app to your liking and the best part is that it is free. Go on and try it, you’ll love it.

Top Ten Apps For Android, Textra

5. Best Music Player: Poweramp

Poweramp is one of the highest ranked music player in all of Google Play Store. It provides the best sound quality and offers settings to change the sounds, and even file format. It plays different formats of music files as well. Making it one of the best apps for Android devices.

Top Ten Apps For Android, Poweramp

4. Best Fitness App: 7 Minute Workout App

Fitness freaks be prepared as we have found the best workout app for you. It is called 7 Minute Workout. This app customizes a high intensity workout routine for its users. It doesn’t ask users for their BMI but does offer all kinds of assistance.

Top Ten Apps For Android, 7 Minute Workout App

3. Best Browser App: Chrome

Chrome is the fastest browser available on Google Play Store and offers almost all the features that are offered in their desktop version. It even offers different themes which you can apply and make it according to your liking.

Top Ten Apps For Android, Chrome

2. Best Camera App: Camera360

Camera360 is the best out there if you want to replace your stock app. It offers you a lot of features and camera settings and has the best results to offer. It is the highest rated app in all of Google Store.

Top Ten Apps For Android, Camera360

1 Best Dictionary App: Merriam-Webster

Most smartphones do not come with a preinstalled dictionary and when looking for one that suits you it is difficult to find the one that has everything you want. Our favorite is Merriam-Webster. It provides meanings of almost all the words and has a history section where you can keep a track of them.

Top Ten Apps For Android, Merriam Webster

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