Top Ten Launcher Apps for Android

If you have used android devices before then you must be aware that their launchers are an essential part of experiencing Android to the fullest. Now if someone is not satisfied with their device’s default launcher they can very well go ahead and use another app for it. There are thousands of launcher apps to choose from. Here is a list of Top Ten Launcher Apps for Android device.

10. Buzz Launcher

One of the most popular launcher app available on Google Play Store includes Buzz Launcher. The app is free of cost and one of the best so far. It offers various features including themes, customization of home screen. Although the app is good but a little complicated to use.

Top Ten Launcher Apps for Android, Buzz Launcher

9. CM Launcher

The app has more convenience, the total size of the file is less than 2MB and is developed by the same people who designed the CM Security app. The app is super-fast and precise.

Top Ten Launcher Apps for Android, CM Launcher

8. Google Now Launcher

For those who are Google loyalists, their go-to launcher choice is most obviously Google Now Launcher. Although the app has more of a Google-ish look and feel to it and is less customizable people do prefer using it because of its simplicity.

Top Ten Launcher Apps for Android, Google Now Launcher

7. Launcher 8

For those who love Windows phone and want the same experience on and Android device, well this is the launcher app you have been looking for. This app was solely designed for the people who want the look and feel of a Window’s phone on their android device.

Top Ten Launcher Apps for Android, Launcher 8

6. Nova Launcher

One of the best apps available in all of Google Play Store, it has a wide variety of options to choose from and customize your device accordingly. To unlock all the features, you have to make in app purchases. However this is the most customizable launcher app and supports a large number of icon packs.

Top Ten Launcher Apps for Android, Nova Launcher

5. Smart Launcher 3

A unique app with the most unorthodox style is Smart Launcher 3. This app is paid but has the most unique styles which you can explore.

Top Ten Launcher Apps for Android, Smart Launcher 3

4. Solo Launcher

For those who like to design their home screens and other options themselves then this is the app for them. It has a more DIY approach than any other launcher app on the Google Play Store.

Top Ten Launcher Apps for Android, Solo Launcher

3. Themer: Launcher

The app that is rated on the second number for being the most customizable launcher is Themer: Launcher. In this app the user gets to decide the theme, homescreen, animation style and a lot of other options.

Top Ten Launcher Apps for Android, Themer Launcher

2. Lightning Launcher

One of the highest rated apps on Google Play Store but not the most popular one is Lightning Launcher. The premise is simple, it offers unlimited homes screens although it is lacking at some points but makes up for it with others.

Top Ten Launcher Apps for Android, Lightning Launcher

1. Z Launcher

For those who prefer minimalistic designs then Z launcher app by Nokia is the one for you. This app has a very minimalistic and simple design. Nothing too complicated, the app itself is pretty elegant.

Top Ten Launcher Apps for Android, Z Launcher

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