Top Ten Photoshop Plugins

Top Ten Photoshop Plugins

Who doesn’t love editing their pictures and showing off their editing skills. Most of the people frequently use Photoshop, FCP, Aperture, Avid and many others software. Photoshop is one of the outstanding software that lets users to manipulate their graphic data. It is an innovative and a brilliant platform and with the help of add on or Plugins, its capabilities are enhanced even further.

Well, what actually is a plug-in (or plugin)? It actually is a group of instruments that help users to create special effects in a video or a picture easily. There are numerous add-ons or plug-ins available online, but some become out-dated and do not operate on the newer versions of Photoshop or any other editing software. Check out these Top Ten Photoshop Plugins to change your working skills in Photoshop.

10. the ‘Save’ Panel

A Photoshop plugin that improves saving of files is the Save Panel plugin. What it does is that it alters the saving folder, type of a file, its name and the image resolution. The users can save it to any storage device, even the cloud storage of ‘DROPBOX’ to share pictures exclusively from Photoshop. It therefore is easy and also efficient.

Top Ten Photoshop Plugins, The Save Panel

9. Breeezy

The plugin BREEEZY is available as a free plugin which makes the preparation of pictures for different application designing, much easier and efficient. This plugin has the capacity to save the pictures of layers when a user is exporting and can manage all the files that have been exported into one folder.

Top Ten Photoshop Plugins, Breeezy

8. Web Font

Another plug-in by the name Web Font is an outstanding plugin which helps users to work with their choice of different website fonts while being in Photoshop. This plugin provides access to numerous fonts available on web. It works with software Suitcase Fusion 5 and also the service of font on web called WebInk.

Top Ten Photoshop Plugins, Web Font

7. Composer

This plug-in helps user to maintain different layers in Photoshop with just a single action: a single click. This means that the user has to spend less time maintaining and more time on the actual designing. This plugin resides inside the Photoshop for the ease of users.

Top Ten Photoshop Plugins, Composer


6. GuideGuide

This plugin assists the users to have an accurate measurement of pixel rows, midpoints, columns and baselines according to the user’s option. Users can opt for various types of measurements and can measure the width of any element so that it can adjust properly across any site.

Top Ten Photoshop Plugins, GuideGuide

5. Renderly

Renderly is a plugin that can export screens, and different design specifications and using its amazing expertise, it will export only those items that have been rendered with. The only thing you require is a proper prefix and the work is done.

Top Ten Photoshop Plugins, Renderly

4. BlendMe. In

A plugin for Photoshop and Illustrator that helps users to search different icons and effects is the BLENDME.IN plugin. It helps users to drag and drop these icons on the work area. This plugin resides in Photoshop and doesn’t intrude into the work area of the Photoshop.

Top Ten Photoshop Plugins, BlendMe. In

3. CSS3Ps

A free cloud based plugin is the CSS3Ps that transforms the layers in Photoshop into CSS3. Because of its clouding ability, the bug-fixes and updates remain in the background and no update is required.

Top Ten Photoshop Plugins, CSS3Ps

2. Cut&Slice

This plugin helps users to export their effects and works to other devices in a few seconds and also assigns a name to layers in Photoshop. This plugin exports your pixels in the format you require, either you want to cut or trim the pixels.

Top Ten Photoshop Plugins, Cut&Slice

1. Social Kit

This plugin helps users to establish different template for different social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+. Every template that has been designed can be further altered with and this plugin updates itself when there is any alteration in the design of these social networks.

Top Ten Photoshop Plugins, Social Kit

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