Top Ten Texting Apps For Android

When one does not have internet access and wants to contact people then I guess old school texting is the best possible way for communication. Here is a list of Top ten texting apps for android devices which can be potential replacement for the stock app.

10. Chomp SMS

One of the most popular texting apps on the Google Play Store and has customizable options for several features. There are hundreds of thousands of themes to choose from and even offers the option of scheduled messages and pinning of conversations on top.

Top Ten Texting Apps For Android, Chomp SMS

9. Handcent SMS

It is a favorite app for anyone has ever used it, considering how everyone loves all the customization, security and other amazing features that they offer.

Top Ten Texting Apps For Android, Handcent SMS

8. Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro is one of the most famous texting apps available on the app store, it comes with a collection of other apps. It provides various function and make texting fun.

Top Ten Texting Apps For Android, Go SMS Pro

7. QKSMS Quick Text Messenger

Interface and design is sleek and easy to use. Gives several features that can be customized and has a wide range of themes from which the users can pick the ones they like.

Top Ten Texting Apps For Android, QKSMS Quick Text Messenger

6. Hello SMS

Want an app that works fast and looks good? Then download Hello SMS app is one of the best available app on the app store with a wide range of features and security included.

Top Ten Texting Apps For Android, Hello SMS

5. Google Messenger

Want an app that is similar to Google Hangouts but with a lot more features and accessibility? Then Google Messenger is your best bet. As the name suggests the app has been launched into the market by Google.

Top Ten Texting Apps For Android, Google Messenger

4. Evolve SMS

Although the app is paid it is one of the best ones so far. This app supports lock screen widgets, group messaging, password protection. There are several other features that can be unlocked by in-app purchases.

Top Ten Texting Apps For Android, Evolvesms

3. Now SMS

This app borrows its UI and display features from Google Now, although in the beginning the app needed a lot of improvement but with passage of time it has improved quite a bit but still a few features can be improved.

Top Ten Texting Apps For Android, Now SMS

2. Sliding SMS

The most minimalistic design and UI you can find on any texting app on Google Play Store is on Sliding SMS, it is easy to use and navigate. It offers quick reply features and different themes. Overall it’s a really good app.

Top Ten Texting Apps For Android, Sliding SMS

1. Textra

Textra is the only app on Google Play Store that offers the most customization. If highest number of features are what you look for in an app then Textra is the app for you.

Top Ten Texting Apps For Android, Textra

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