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Video Editing Apps – On an Android smartphone, altering and recording videos can be somewhat troublesome. Point is that applications keep running on Android gadgets are positively rather helpful, cons are that they are normally very restricted with regards to capacities and elements. So in order to make videos and edit them other apps on the PlayStore are a better option than the stock app. Here is a list of top 10 Top 10 Android Video Editor.

10. Video Editing Apps – WeVideo

If you are looking for an all-rounder app with all the functions of video editing and sharing on web then Wevideo is the app for you. It enables the users to use attractively designed themes and gives a complete editing tools to edit the video and then save or share them.

Android Video Editor, WeVideo

9. Android Video Editor – KineMaster

It is one of the finest video editing apps you will find on PlayStore. This is a full blown video editing tool with proper drag and drop options and lets users import any kind of media to the app for editing purposes.

Video Editing Apps, KineMaster

8. Clesh Video Editor

A more advanced video editor with all the right tools for video editing and a plus feature of editing directly on cloud is what clesh video editor does. This makes it easier to continue working even from the desktop from where you left off on your android device.

Video Editing Apps, Clesh Video Editor

7. Snip Video Trimmer

This video editing app is solely used for the purpose of trimming clips of videos. This is best for uploading smaller sized videos by trimming them and another great feature in this app is that you can make ringtones out of the videos as well.

Android Video Editor, Snip Video Trimmer

6. Vidtrim Pro

This is another great video editing app with a wide range of amazing features that are a must have on each editing app. Although the app is paid the users can run a free test trial before purchasing it. Some of the features are not even available on other apps.

Android Video Editor, Vidtrim Pro

5. Video Maker Pro

A studio app which enables the users of this app to have features like edit, trim and incorporate media files in the movie. The app has all the necessary and extra added features that help in creating a movie through an app.

Android Video Editor, Video Maker Pro

4. Andromedia Video Editor

The video editing app by the name of Andromedia Video Editor is free of cost and is loaded with features. It is an app that offers more features than any other app on the app store.

Video Editing Apps, Andromedia Video Editor

3. AndroVid Video Editor

This app enables the user to cut, trim, edit, incorporate music, and make an amazing video. The most professional kind of app you will find on playstore. It has all the essentials to make it a good video editing app.

Video Editing Apps, AndroVid Video Editor

2. Viddy

This app is different in terms of its nature although it is a video editing app it is also a social media app with which one can edit videos and share them with their specific group of friends.

Video Editing Apps, Viddy

1. FilmoraGo

If you want an iconic professional video editing tool with all the features and the extra added features then FlmoraGo is the app for you. It doesn’t get any more professional than this. Watch the Video Tutorial for FilmoraGo.

Video Editing Apps, FilmoraGo

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