10 Poland Tourist Attractions – Bialowieza Forest, Malbork Castle

Are you on short trip to Poland? Or a business trip may be? But still want to explore some places in Poland. Keeping in mind about the short span of time some people have when they visit Poland, it very difficult to visit each and every place in Poland, but here we have compiled a list of top ten Poland Tourist Attractions, to help people have the list of best places in Poland that one should must visit.

10. Wawel Castle:

The construction of this castle dates back to the 14th century, were used to live Gothic royal people in the 14th and 15th century but after the end of royal period, the castle is now only meant for the safe storage of the jewels and other precious things that these royal people used, and now these antiques and the entire castle is open for all to witness.

Poland Tourist Attractions, Wawel Castle

9. Auschwitz-Birkenau:

This is a kind of momentum made in the memory of those people who were killed in the camp during the World War II. Millions of people visit this place every year in the memory of those brutal murders and pay tribute to those who lost their lives.

Poland Tourist Attractions, Auschwitz-Birkenau

8. Masurian Lakeland:

2000 lakes connected at one place, this is what Masurian Lakeland is about. These lakes are mostly connected by canals. There are many hotels and restaurants for the convenience of visitors in the surroundings.

Poland Tourist Attractions, Masurian Lakeland

7. Slowinski Sand Dunes:

These sand dunes are in the Slowinski national park, and the form of these sand dunes changes always with air pressure and seasons. This fact makes these sand dunes an attraction to be seen.

Poland Tourist Attractions, Slowinski Sand Dunes

6. Poland Tourist Attractions – Malbork Castle:

Teutonic knights used this castle as their place to stay; in fact it was made for this purpose only. The castle limits increased time to time with the number of soldiers, but it is now only a tourist attraction.

Malbork Castle

5. Wieliczka Salt Mines:

Salt has been obtained from these mines since 13th century, and apart from extraction of salt, there is whole kind of city inside the mines where most of the things are made of salt.

Wieliczka Salt Mines

4. Bialowieza Forest:

One of the biggest forests in European regions, and only carts and other guided vehicles are allowed to go inside in order to assure safety of tourists.

Bialowieza Forest

3. Gdansk Old Town:

This is called old town because of the attractions and sites in this area all date back to 17th century and have something to do with the Teutonic knights. However, each and everything found in Gdansk Old Town is unique as well as antique, one of its kind.

Gdansk Old Town

2. Old Town Market:

This old town market is in the Warsaw city of Poland, and it is reconstructed version of the market which was destroyed in World War II. Most famous things about the market is the mermaid sculpture.

Old Town Market

1. Main Market Square:

This is the square in Krakow city and located at central place in Krakow city, surrounded by lot of other historical sites like buildings and churches etc.

Main Market Square

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